Health is wealth

Health is wealth, there is no doubt about that. If you are not healthy you can’t fully enjoy your life, no matter what you have. Our health must be our priority but is it?

Reality check – Why are we so sick?

As a western society we are sicker than ever.

In spite of our technological advances in the west our health is rapidly deteriorating.

Just to mention a few there is infertility crisis, opiate epidemic, depression, obesity and the list goes on.

These are the top mortality cause today in the USA.

1. Heart disease, 2. Cancer, 3. Chronic lower respiratory disease, 4. Accidents, 5. Alzheimer’s disease, 6. Diabetes 7. Influenza and pneumonia, 8. Kidney disease.

We have technology to send a car to the Mars, clone a human being, modify genetics, create artificial intelligence but we cannot cure simple diseases and repair organs.

Influenza is a top killer in the USA today. How is this possible?

The Science revolution

In the last 50 years, major breakthroughs and many vital scientific discoveries were made that slowly enter the mainstream reality and directly affect the way we think about health, life and humanity.

Quantum physics, epigenetics, and energy medicine slowly entering the mainstream playing field and changing the old medical paradigm. New possibilities have opened and we have to learn to keep an open mind.

These new discoveries proven that your genes can be changed and influenced, that you are an energetic being and most of all that you have power to create your life with your mind.

“Everything is alive and connected, made of energy.

You create your life, your health, your fate.”

The power of the big pharma

Take your pills - the pursuit for profit

The pharmaceutical industry in the west gained so much power that it became a dictator of the medical playing field. Medical care cease to stay a social and human concern and became a business for profit.

This fact in itself has tremendous negative consequences.

Moreover big pharma is based on outdated science and a very limited perspective beyond the mainstream medical paradigm but most importantly failed to deliver its promise about a disease free future so far.

What is healing really?

The obvious ineffectiveness of the western medicine in many areas and the shifting of the scientific paradigms requires a new way of thinking and revolution of the medical field in order to create more healing and cause less harm.

You are the healer

Your wound is not your fault but your healing is your responsibility

First of all we need to understand that we are responsible for our well being and healing. We have to take our power back and recognize that we are active participants and creator of our health. We need to make changes in our everyday lives to restore balance in our health, in our lives, in our whole being. We have to ‘change’ our mind to think differently and create different solutions. We have to ‘feel’ what is right for us because we are unique beings and nobody knows us better than ourselves.

We have to recognize that plenty of support is available all along the way but we have to do the work and ultimately only we are responsible for the outcome.

Healing as curing disease

In the mainstream western medicine health is considered mostly physical, to be healthy means to have a body that is not sick or diseased. Healing is ‘fixing’ the symptom (the illness, disease) and restore the physical body to working order. This model does not take into consideration our mental, emotional, spiritual well being. The body is a machine, its working is mechanical defined by science. Your fate is determined by your genes and you are simply a powerless victim.

Healing is a process back to wholeness


Ancient healing modalities like Shamanic healing, Ayurveda, Traditional chineese medicine have a very different understanding of the human being and the healing process. And new science like epigenetics or quantum physics bring us evidence that everything is energy existing in an interconnected web.

From this perspective we are energetic beings, multidimensional, having a physical body. Most of these models recognize mind-body-heart-spirit as main aspects of the human being. Health is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual well being not a lack of a symptom or disease.

In their terms healing is restoring balance in the whole being, integrating all aspect together.

From a more spiritual angle disease is always caused by separation, fragmentation of the whole being, a movement away from the natural state. Therefore healing is always a type of integration, bringing things together, returning to a natural state of wholeness.

Healing is a process, a journey where you play the most important part.

A bright future

Plenty of information, data, evidence and tools are available to us right now. Ancient spiritual knowledge that was passed down and practiced, perfected through generations affirms new scientific discoveries, such as we are all one, everything is connected, we create our reality.

I invite you to open your mind, explore for yourself and take your power back over your life and over your health.

You have the power within. You are the healer.


Food for thought

How does this information changes the way you feel about yourself and your life? Do you believe that you have the power to heal yourself and create your life the way you desire?

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