Ethical Guidelines

The legal restriction of psychedelic plants and the lack of guiding principles in this newly emerging field of psychedelic assisted therapy creates a fertile ground for unsafe practices and self appointed shamans and therapist. As a result safety is a major concern when you embark on your plant medicine healing path.

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Book Review

It’s not often that I come across a book that provides real value in the plant medicine world, but Tina Kat Courtney’s book: The Superhero Healing powers of Psychotropic plants is one of those great works! It’s unfortunate that most people have no time or energy to read a book anymore therefore I will introduce the main lessons from this book in this article for you to enjoy and learn from.

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What is Love? The definition of love

Let’s start with a question of what love really is? I am sure that people have a very different definition of this word. Some people would say that I hit you because I care and therefore love is punishment but I don’t believe that. It took me a while to start to grasp love as a concept and strip away the lies that I was told throughout my life about love, kindness and sacrifice.

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