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Heart Medicine by Nina IzelI am Nina,

I believe that healing is a path of love back to wholeness.

Supporting people to heal themselves, to reclaim their power and to create the life they desire is something I am truly passionate about.

Helping people to change their lives with Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy is not only my profession but a spiritual calling for me.

My healing and spiritual path has been has been informed by sacred plant medicines, especially the Mother Ayahuasca for over 12 years. Learn more about my personal journey and my approach to healing in my book: Heart Medicine, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process.

The most important thing that I learnt from Sacred Plants that you can heal yourself and love & acceptance is the biggest healing power.

If you are called to work with the Mother Ayahuasca I will guide you and support you in a safe container to get the most out of your experience and create your breakthrough results!

This journey is a powerful reminder of how powerful and amazing you truly are!

Using my professional training and extensive personal experience I will support you to go to the root of your problem, transform your obstacles and change your limiting beliefs so you can heal, follow your heart, express yourself authentically, and share your gift with the world in a meaningful way.

I believe working with you as a whole individual, as an interconnected being rather than treating a symptom or an illness is the key to healing and real transformation!

My main tools to support YOU

  • Extensive training in holistic healing, western psychology and shamanic medicine
  • Transpersonal psychology, trauma healing, shadow work, inner child work
  • Integrative yoga therapy, movement practices, somatic experiencing
  • Rebirthing, Clarity Breath work, healing in altered states of consciousness
  • Mindfulness practices, Compassionate Inquiry
  • Shamanic healing practices, sacred plant medicines, aromatherapy
  • Energy healing modalities, soul retrieval and energetic detox
  • Earth practices, personal rituals and rites of passage
  • 25+ years of experience as a healer, guide, teacher supporting others on their healing path

Fun facts about me

Hungarian woman living in Mexico working with Americans:)
I speak 3 languages, I lived in 4 countries, I don’t own a tv, a microwave oven or a pair of jeans, I died and came back to life many times, I am surprisingly good with arts and crafts, I make my own chocolates and you often find me in beautiful nature.

Yes, I want to work with Nina!

psychedelic integration masterclass

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Register for my free, online psychedelic integration Masterclass to learn everything you need to know about the art of psychedelic integration.

assisted therapy

Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy

A 15 month program to uproot suffering and create your breakthrough results.

facilitator training 2024

Ayahuasca Integration Facilitator Training

A 15 month Training to set you up for success as a professional psychedelic integration guide.



A 6 month container for Plant Medicine practitioners to support you to be an ethical, confident and professional guide for others.



Five easy steps to prepare for your plant medicine journeys to get the most out of your experience.

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Hear from my clients….

“I thank Nina and the Mother Ayahuasca for the infinite gifts, because they made such an impact on my life. Many times in my life I wanted to give up but having Nina, her expertise and her knowledge and just her support, it really got me to where I am today.

I don’t struggle with anxiety anymore. I healed myself from chronic pain, PTSD and got out of the survival mode. I feel I just started living.

I learnt to say no and stop forcing things that are not right for me. I learnt the difference between thinking that you’re happy and really being happy. I learnt to trust myself and watched everything fall into place.

I understood that I am only responsible for myself. And when you are responsible for yourself and you stand in your power, only good things are going to follow that.


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  • Learn about sacred plant wisdom
  • Educate yourself about psychedelic therapy
  • Discover how to recognize red flags and stay safe on your psychedelic healing journey
  • Meet the wisdom keepers of the Mother Ayahuasca
  • Hear directly from the people about their Ayahuasca healing experience
  • Deepen your understanding of the psychedelic integration process
  • Learn about the best & most effective tools for psychedelic therapy

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Creating a safe space in the psychedelic healing process is the outmost priority for me.

Psychedelics and sacred plants are powerful tools that can be used to heal or to harm depending on the person who is working with them.

code of ethics

To ensure maximum safety and the highest standard of care I co-created the first Code of Ethics and Best Practices for those who work in the Ayahuasca healing space.

Click here to read this document to learn how to stay safe and navigate the psychedelic healing space with ease and grace!

I want to learn more!


I am proud to collaborate with fellow professionals who have similar vision and values to mine.

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Psychedelic Support

Find my articles, webinar and my Training Program on Psychedelic support.

collaboration 2

Casa Arkaana

I am proud to work with centers who have the highest level of integrity when it comes to holding a ceremonial space.

collaboration 3

Madre Verde

I am proud to work with centers who have the highest level of integrity when it comes to holding a ceremonial space.

collaboration 1

Brainz Magazine

As an invited executive contributor to Brainz Magazine, find my articles on psychedelic therapy here.

Healing is a form of self love and the best investment is in yourself!

Receive the support you need now and create your breakthrough results!

Yes I want to work with Nina!

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