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More from my clients…

I am grateful that you listen so well and really hear me. After our sessions I always feel something has opened in me and I expanded in some way.

A door opened into the very center of my being and an unspeakable weight has lifted. I am incredibly grateful. Thank you for an amazing awakening experience.

Nina herself is the medicine for me as much as the ayahuasca is. The two are indivisible in my experience.

Without the Nina’s sessions I wouldn’t have understood how to prepare to receive the medicine, or even how to ask for the most potent source of my true healing and have probably given up on myself and my journey.

I feel Liberation, empowerment, gratitude and so much love. I am opened to a different path of growth. I feel unafraid now to move forward I am open to the future.

I have learned who I really am. I’ve learned that I can define the course of my life, that I hold the power. I have learned that more exists beyond this physical reality.

The sessions with Nina were vital for me the for support and courage to continue on my healing path. Nina’s guidance made a world of difference to me to go all in, deeply. I felt very safe with her. She held me all through my journey. Thank you for this safe place to heal.

Nina is an angel come to help me claim my own power. The sessions with her were fundamental to my healing process. She created a sacred space where I felt safe and judgement free. She gave me courage and I felt free for the first time to let go, open my heart and let go of painful memories. Thank you for opening my eyes to a new way of healing and a whole new future with possibilities and love.

Thank you for inspiring me with your wisdom and guidance on this journey of love and opening myself to all that Life has to offer. I am grateful.

This journey is one of the most profound gifts of my life. I have recovered the awareness that the world is full of beauty and love. I am incredibly grateful.

Nina is not only a source not only of comfort, strength and companionship on this journey, but also one of many resources that have been useful and important in my process.

Nina is powerful and magical being. Her magic is her healing power that comes from her heart, from love. This is why her healing is truly transformative.

Dearest Nina you are such a gift. A true healer and an amazing woman. Thank you for guiding me back to myself.

After struggling for 20 years with an autoimmune disease I am liberated. I am free from limits, free from constant pain. I am centered, vibrant, empowered and clear. Thank you Nina

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