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Who helps the helpers?

The first Supervision Program created specifically for Plant Medicine Practitioners.
For the highest standard of ethics & integrity.

Supervision is the corner stone of professional space holding. If you don’t process your ‘stuff’ it will surely show up in your work.
This 6 months long Supervision Program aims to support you as a plant medicine practitioner seeking additional insight to sharpen your skills, avoid the misuse of power, to reveal your blind spots and to receive personal support so you can be the best guide for others!

Creating a healthy work–life balance
In this Program Nina Izel personally supports, guides and encourages you to be the best version of yourself and maintain the highest standard of ethics and integrity as a professional Plant Medicine practitioner.

Creating a safe space
Boundaries can seem different or dissolve when you work in altered states of consciousness. Safety is first when you work with powerful sacred plants and in this Program Nina supports you to learn and practice ethical behavior and maintain healthy boundaries in your work and in your life.

Read my Code of Ethics to learn more about integral behavior when working with sacred plants.

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Is this Program for you?

This Program is to support those who serve others in any capacity in plant medicine spaces.

  • ceremonial space holders who serve plant medicine
  • pre and post integration therapists
  • plant medicine retreat organizers
  • people who run any kind of psychedelic training program
  • other professionals who work in the plant medicine space in any capacity

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This Program will help you to expand your awareness of your own blind spots, learn from your mistakes without judgement and to gain objective insight from an experiences professional.

  • discuss cases, treatment strategies, personal feelings/challenges with clients
  • to discuss personal challenges and receive support
  • to promote healthy boundaries and work-life balance
  • to encourage self care and prevent burn out
  • to discuss relevant research in the plant medicine field
  • to get instant feedback from an experienced plant medicine practitioner
  • to learn about professional and ethical behavior

Supervision helps you to gain invaluable insights, expert guidance, and tailored feedback to refine your therapeutic approach and create your breakthrough results!

Our Code of Ethics and Best practices

Once starting holding space for others, you often struggle with work life balance, self care and continuing our your personal development work.

Who is helping YOU?

Embark on a path of growth, excellence and professional care!

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