I am pretty good at dying.
I experienced death and rebirth many times. I know that there is no death, only transformation still I am nervous every time. But every time I die, I surrender a bit more to the divine mystery we call life.

What led me to this exploration of death was my personal encounter with the Master Teacher Mother Plant, the Ayahuasca. She is teaching me about this natural process and helping me to let go of my fears. After many journeys I am starting to believe one has to contemplate death to really appreciate life.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Psychedelic assisted therapy is a relatively new term being used to describe a healing process that is assisted, supported by a psychoactive substance in a clinical setting and with professional guidance.

If you want to know more a good place to start is The Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedic Studies (https://maps.org) for most up to date research and development in this area. Most of current research focuses on the Ayahuasca, psilocibin and MDMA and has outsdanding results, especially with depression, anxiety and PTSD. It is scientifically proven that using psychoactive substances in a guided therapeutic process can support durable psychological and behavioral change.

Shamanic roots

Peyote ceremony
Peyote ceremony

Psychedelic Assisted therapy may be something new in the ‘civilized west’ but not for humanity. As a collective human species our shamanic roots and the memory of the use of these psychedelic plants goes back to thousands of years. Moreover evidence supports that these visionary plants played a fundamental role in the human story.

There is an overwhelming wealth of evidence that our ancestors used visionary plants to explore consciousness as far back as BC 40.000. However these plants were used in a particular context and in a ceremonial setting. The keepers of the knowledge about how to work with these plant allies were the shamans, who are expert navigators in different physical and non physical realities.

My relationship with the Mother Ayahuasca

I was always a therapist, healer, teacher, guide for myself and others. Also a rebel and a pioneer in many ways. I was always interested in non conventional solutions. I like the uncharted territory. I like leaving the beaten path and discover new horizons, open new pathways.

I always felt this deep calling to follow this passion and learn about myself and the world this way. I still honor this call. It’s part of who I am.

As a healer I am deeply interested in human suffering. I want to understand why things happen. I want to learn how to heal all this pain and create a better life.

My path was the wounded healer. My discomfort and pain lead me on this journey. I learnt through my transformation, through first hand experience. I am a practical person. I am interested in what works best, fastest, most effective way. And I always keep learning. There is no end to the mystery.

This learning, this unquenchable thirst led me to the Mother Ayahuasca on my journey.
Many people say that She calls you to her to work with her as she is the Master Teacher, Healer. I certainly feel this way. I did feel a deep call, an urge to go deep into the Amazonas jungle to commune with this medicine. And since then we developed a loving relationship.

My life was deeply touched and transformed by this relationship with The Mother Plant.

I became more loving, empowered, authentic and free. My life is so much easier and filled with creative expression, gratitude and joy. I feel open and connected. It just feels like heavy weights were lifted that I used to carry around and I got lighter and uplifted. I literally have a new life and I am a new person.

I already received so much from her. And continue to do so. It is time for me to give back and share some of the treasures. I am doing this with a joyful and grateful heart.

Welcome to the Journey.

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