and the new paradigm of healing

Even if you are not interested in science at all, it is good to remember that science shapes the way we see the world. Medicine, transportation, education, everything is based on science. Except religion. In the western world science and religion is separated. However new scientific discoveries starting to prove what spirituality was saying a long time ago…

Are you familiar with the new scientific discoveries?

Can we find new answers where science and spirituality meet?

Old Paradigm Science

Thanks to the contribution of Charles Darwin 1809 – 1882 (200 years ago) and Isaac Newton 1643 – 1727 (almost 400 years ago), our current mainstream scientific paradigm was created a couple of hundred years ago.

Think about that for a moment. That was a long time ago.

Think about the growth in technology from landline phones to personal pocket computers just in the last 30 years.

Although Tesla’s investigation into wireless energy transmission and communication and

Einstein’s theory of relativity and his research into quantum mechanics in the early 1900 expanded the existing scientific model, it wasn’t until recently that we start to see a real shift in the mainstream scientific community.

Maybe we are in need of a scientific upgrade?

This old paradigm science basically says that we are a physical body without consciousness, our life is constant competition and the survival of the fittest. In this model we are victims of our genes and creation is just an accident. For me this model of reductional materialism is deeply depressing and incomplete while evoking a feeling of victimhood and powerlesness.

New Paradigm Science

Thankfully the evolution of science and technology haven’t stopped in the last few hundred years. Let’s have a look at the current scientific discoveries that are shaping our reality in a very new and exciting way.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe , think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. – Nikola Tesla”

Nassim Haramein (Resonance science foundation) is a major current influencer in developing a formal unified view of physics that will deeply transform people’s lives and the world as we know it. Lynne McTaggart’s reserch into this new science gives a good summary of how the interconnected universe works and how consciousness plays a central role to shape and create our world. Her book, The power of eight, highlights the power of intention and cooperation instead of competition in order to manifest mutually beneficial results and affect change on a larger scale.

In biology the work of Dr Bruce Lipton had a major effect with introducing the idea of epigenetics, based on the understanding that genes and DNA do not control our biology, instead, DNA is controlled by signals from environment, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts and feelings. This proves what the ancients has long said, that mind is over body. We have the power to change our biology with our thoughts. His book The biology of belief was called the cornerstone of science of the new millenium that represents a radical new perspective with even greater implications for our future and our world.

Quantum physics proved that everything is entangled energy shaped by a conscious intelligent design. Physical matter is made up from energy vibrating on a specific frequency. Epigenetics proved that consciousness/environment influences genetic expression and ultimately physical health and well being. Wow that is certainly a big jump from Newton and Darwin.

What does this all means?

This means that the universe is an interconnected web of energy patterns expressed on different frequency, vibration. It means that you are an energetic being, consciousness expressed in a physical form. It means that you are connected to all living things and interacting with them on a constant bases. It means what you put put, you get back according to the magnetic law of attraction.

What are you feeding the field?

There is more than what we can see. You are more than a physical body.
You are interconnected and always interacting with all there is, either you are aware of this or not. You are a powerful creator of your reality weather you know it or not.
We are all One.

New Paradigm Healing

A paradigm shift is a revolutionary change from one way of thinking to another. In terms of healing these new discoveries have major implications. We are not victims of our genetics anymore but we are conscious, powerful beings creating our life, our health and our reality. This means that you are the healer and you have the power to heal your life as Louis Hay once said. It also means that your thoughts, actions and beliefs are affecting your health and well being.

New paradigm healing focuses on empowering the individual to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Through this process of integration we return to alignment, freedom, love and awareness.

Thanks to quantum physics and epigenetics, science and spirituality merge and we are upgraded from a

material meat sack without consciousness to a powerful divine being creating our life and reality.

What kind of life are you creating?

According to some shamans the disease of the west is our separation from spirit. Is it possible that merging science with spirituality we can find our way back to our true nature and heal our world as a collective?

I say it is.

Come and co-create with me!

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