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Shutting down the heart

Most of us learnt at an early age that some emotions are welcomed to be expressed like joy and happiness while others are defined as negative or bad like anger and sadness.

How many times have you heard that you shouldn’t feel this way! Or don’t cry, don’t be upset it’s not a big deal.

In order to keep the peace and get the love and approval of others we master early on the suppression of certain emotions. Somehow we discover a hidden place within us and starting to store there all the emotions that we swallow, that we are not allowed to express.

We are feeling beings. When we stop feeling, we start closing our hearts. We stop the natural flow of emotions (energy in motion) we harden our hearts and imprison ourselves in the body and the head.

To deny our emotional nature is to disconnect ourselves and this way we become lost without our internal guidance.

But then maybe, emotions are not so important. The brain is what matters, or not?

The Heart is more than just a physical organ

According to the research of the HeartMath Institute the heart’s magnetic field is around 100 times stronger than that of the brain and can be measured several feet away from the body.

They discovered that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, moreover the brain continuously responds to the heart.

HeartMath research has demonstrated that different emotional states create different measurable heart rhythm patterns. Emotional stress like frustration or anxiety create irregular, erratic patterns, while positive emotions like joy or love create a smooth, coherent, harmonious pattern.

In simple terms this means that generating sustained positive emotions facilitates a body-wide shift to a specific, scientifically measurable state. Simply stated, our body and brain work better, we feel better, and we perform better.

This is coherent with current epigentic research, Bruce Lipton pioneered, that emphasizes the effects of thoughts and emotions on physical health.

If we look at chronic disease as a message, Louise Hay suggests that heart problems can represent long standing emotional problems and a lack of joy, it really makes sense.

Emotional isolation and loneliness

When we shut down our hearts we shut down our ability to connect on a deeper emotional level and to create real intimacy. We become disconnected, first from ourselves then slowly from other human beings. We become, in a way, unable to relate.

Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo groundbreaking research, Evolutionary Theory of Loneliness she states that loneliness automatically triggers a set of related behavioral and biological processes that contribute to premature death in people of all ages. Sad but it’s true, without relationships, without sharing our life with others, what is there to live for?

Spiritual heart disease

Beyond the emotional and physical implications of closing the heart there is an even more important aspect to consider. Your heart is the gateway to your soul, your divine, higher aspect, from where your higher guidance comes from. This intuition comes beyond the mind, beyond the physical reality and flows directly through the heart center. Without this knowing, without this intuitive guidance you are lost, you are vulnerable and prey to the influence of others. When your heart is closed, you are disconnected from your true self, which is spiritual.

Open your heart!
Follow your heart!
Listen to your heart!

We are all familiar with these sayings. Can it be that the heart is the real key?
Why the heart is missing from the body-mind-spirit?
Well, one of the top 5 regrets of the dying is that they hadn’t expressed their feelings and hadn’t followed their heart’s desire. This is something to think about.
I can say from my own experience that opening my heart made my life definitely more happy and healthy and now I am dedicated to this path.

Feeling is healing, no doubt about that. I invite you to open your heart, reclaim your right to feel and connect to the infinite loving being that is awaiting you within.

You are the healer

Love is the medicine

I love you.

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Heart Medicine
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