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In my previous post I shared about the fact that we are in the Age of Integration and how this energy is dominant now on our Earth planet. To be in harmony with this universal flow the best that you can do is to focus on your own personal integration process.

The holistic being

If we understand the human being as an entity of body, mind, heart, spirit, we can define being whole as the alignment and harmony of these four different aspects (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Wholeness is a state of natural equilibrium and balance. When we feel these aspects interconnected and aligned, we feel peace, joy and love. This is what we mean by holistic well being.


Many find hard to remember this natural state of balance.

As an unfortunate result of western history and social conditioning the default human state became fragmented and imbalanced. People live trapped in the head, circling in the mind, disconnected from the Earth and natural environment with a closed heart, suppressed emotions and complete disconnection from the spiritual, the sacred.

How can you create balance when there is a big chaos inside?

This fragmentation, disconnection occurs as a result of social programming, conditioning when you ‘learn’ how to navigate in this reality, in this world.

We live in a very mental/material world in the west. Some lost the ability to reflect, think, question and discern for themselves. Many were thought that emotions are bad and should be controlled, sometimes hidden, especially the negative ones. Millions live in big cities, never seeing the stars or touch the earth bare feet, totally disconnected from the natural cycles and rhythms. And spirituality is mostly just a confusing term something to do with new age stuff and the current fashion in the holistic world.

Sounds familiar?

So within as without – remember?

This internal fragmentation, imbalance can manifest as disease, neurosis, depression, addiction but most of all a lack of joy and happiness. On a collective level it causes war, disharmony, injustice as you can see on this planet because our external world is a mirror of our collective internal reality.

Personal integration process

Healing is a process of integration and returning, remembering our natural state of wholeness. I truly believe that the real purpose of healing is to be happy and to experience more love. Happiness and love is a state of being that arises when we are in harmony, balance, alignment within ourselves. We all have experienced these moments of deep love and connectedness and sacred life moments.

Remember a time for example when you were at awe and felt that everything is totally perfect. Savor that moment and remember that is how it feels to be in that alignment.

But more often than not we feel pulled and pushed between our body, heart, spirit and mind.

The good news is that you can, if you are willing and open, integrate the different aspects of yourself.

How to integrate yourself?

When you are in a state of fragmentation, you are reactive therefore without choice, without your power. You are operating out of your unconscious programming, conditioning.

When you are in a state of integration, integrity you are grounded in your presence, in your power, you are able to reflect, pause and respond in a more conscious manner.

Here are some ideas, practices and attitudes on how you can start this internal process of integration.

1. Physical integration

– my body is my ally not my enemy, creating a loving relationship with your body

– connecting and listening to the physical body

– self care, nurturing the body for optimal health

2. Emotional integration

– reclaiming the right to feel

– empty, process suppresed emotions carried from the past (trauma healing)

– learn and practice healthy emotional expression

– connect and follow inner, intuitive heart guidance

3. Mental integration

– reflection, self inquiry to identify limiting, unconscious core beliefs

– balancing heart and mind (what do I believe/what do I feel is true, right)

– shifting perception from fear to love

– expanding awareness (integrating unconscious, shadow aspect)

4. Spiritual integration

– become aware of your spiritual nature (the spiritual nature of existence)

– awareness of the interconnectedness of all life (honor and respect)

– bringing the sacred into your everyday life

– navigating in unseen realms (beyond the 5 senses)

– walking the path of love

The complexity of this integration process can seem overwhelming but as I mentioned earlier it is supported by the energy of integration on a collective and planetary level. This means it is easier to integrate now that it was say 50 years ago when the collective energy was focused on fragmentation and dissolution. Therefore we can say that we have right now maximum help to accomplish this integration.

The benefits of the integration process

You may ask why on Earth go through this intense integration process? What we gonna get out of it? Why is it worth to go though all the discomfort and shadow?

The answer is simple. To be happy, free, empowered and loved. That is ultimately what most of us wants. And we can only feel truly happy and whole when we are aligned, centered, integrated and connected.

You are a magnificent, multidimensional being of Love.

Experience yourself.

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