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Despite the amazing technological advancement the health of humanity is rapidly declining, especially in the west. Why do you think that is?

The United States spends the most on healthcare, yet has more chronic health issues than any other country. The shocking news is that most of these health problems can be linked to pharmaceutical treatments and drugs.

In fact, medical errors and adverse reactions to prescribed medications are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

A 2016 report from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine shows that medical errors claim more than 250,000 lives yearly, which is an alarming fact.

Moreover, a Harvard study reported in 2014 that 2.74 MILLION serious adverse drug reactions per year come from approved and prescribed drugs, making it the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Unfortunately this also shows how the for profit pharmaceutical industry is not really interested in cures but more in creating life long customers. Truth is that western medicine is failing chronic illness and sadly this is a fact.

Where do we go from here?

We can analyze why is this medical system failing but more importantly we need to look for new solutions. Clearly a new approach is needed if we really want to restore our health and address chronic illness at its core. Let me introduce you to some inspiring new ideas in the field of medicine.

Illness as a messenger

Science is proven that we are more than our physical bodies and on the deepest level we are energy vibrating in an interconnected field of living consciousness.

It is not a new idea that physical illness is a symptom of an underlying energetic, mental, emotional imbalance or blockage. Because all systems naturally flow toward balance, this means that your whole system including your body wants to be in balance. Therefore your body, your being is constantly communicating to you through messages to inform you about how to get back to your natural state of balance. These messages include, feelings, thoughts, intuition, and ultimately body signals such as disease and illness. For example diabetes can be a signal to change your diet, your lifestyle and to bring more joy into your life by letting go of toxic relationships. From this perspective a chronic illness is a persistent message that is being ignored but still keeps coming.

Most famous advocate of this concept, at least in the US is Louis Hay whose book Heal your life (published in 1976) highlights this mind-body connection and the underlying, energetic causes of disease. Her book became a best seller and sold over 50 million copies includes Louis’s insights on the general meaning of the most common diseases and useful affirmations to support the healing process.

Not quite as famous but maybe even more impactful in many ways is Barbara Brennan

former NASA physicist who dedicated her life to holistic healing and researching the human energy consciousness system. Her book, Hands of light (published in 1989), a guide to healing through the human energy field, sold over a million copies, is considered a classic in the field of complimentary medicine.

Today this type of holistic, energy based medicine is coming more into the mainstream and slowly transforming healthcare. Yoga, acupuncture, qi gong, kinesiology, EFT and many different modalities are becoming familiar to more people. The positive effects of these therapies are well documented and continued to be investigated.

Living examples

A great example to show the power of mind over body is Anita Moorjani through her near death experience from last stages of cancer experienced a greater awareness and the feeling of unconditional love. From this higher perspective she had greater understanding on what is needed to heal herself and return into balance. After her NDE Anita’s cancer rapidly dissappeared within weeks and she continues to live a full and healthy life since then.

I myself suffered from chronic pain in my life. Every month my moon cycle would arrive with terrible pain, to the extent that I would vomit and pass out from the pain. Even with the strongest painkillers the first day I was mostly not being able to get out of bed. After a long and thorough physical examination the doctors concluded that there is nothing wrong with my physical body so they sent me off to a psychologist. After years of investigation, lotion, potion, magnets and crystals that helped a bit to manage the pain I ended up in the Amazonas jungle drinking Ayahuasca. During one of my powerful transcendental experience I became aware of traumatic memories of past abuse (not from this life), like energetic imprints stored in my body causing me physical pain every time when my moon arrived. During my healing work with this medicine I was able to process and let go of these memories/imprints and since then the physical pain almost completely disappeared. Some say it is a miracle but for me this is natural and makes total sense.

Another good example is a client of mine who was shot in her leg by accident when she was a child and had a complete lack of feeling in her right leg for most of her life. As she processed and let go of her memories of early trauma during her healing process, the feelings, sensations gradually returned to her leg, and her leg feels first time as an integrated, living part of her body, wow!

There are many examples proving that taking responsibility for your health and investigating the internal, deeper causes of disease can lead to complete healing and recovery from many illnesses.

If you suffer from any chronic condition that conventional medicine was not able to help would you consider to take a different approach and listen to the your body as a messenger?

You are the healer.

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