Love Letters to Self pt2

“The greatest thing we will ever learn is to love and be loved in return.”

Our basic need without question is to be loved and accepted for who we are. But who are we really?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience on this Mother Earth. Our physical, mental, emotional aspects are transient, impermanent however our spirit is immortal and infinite, unchanging aspect that holds the codes to our true nature of Love, compassion and original innocence.

When source energy (love) splits and polarizes to manifest in this dualistic physical reality, one polarity remains pure Love and the opposite polarity becomes the complete lack of Love, that is Fear. Fear is simply the absence of Love created by the ignorance of our true nature.

Fear: False Evidence Appearing to be Real

From a higher, unity perspective where there is no division, there is no fear. However we all experience this illusion of fear, sometimes very strongly in our every day life. The root of all fears is the fear of Death, if you ask me. When we believe that we are mortal, physical beings then the most terrifying thing becomes death in other words the end of our existence as we know it.

This fear of death created whole industries around the world to stop aging, to stop the time from passing, to stop getting old and dying. Especially in the west we lost reverence for our elders and the rite of passage we call death. We have to remember that Death is an inevitable part of life that simply signals the next phase of evolution and a transition from one state of being to another.

In shamanic cultures and many spiritual practices death is most honored and celebrated as a major rite of passage. It is understood that consciously experiencing through the death and rebirth cycle brings us closer to our true self as we transmute fear and embody the Love, which is our essence.

Love is the Medicine

Fear is created by the separation and fragmentation of our true self, our spiritual being.

Love is the glue, the unifying force that brings things together, integrating our different aspects of self into one fully aligned and connected being. Healing is a return to our natural state of wholeness through this individual integration process.

Self Love is the key to look at the shadow and face our deepest fears. We need Love to repair disconnection and bring back harmony into our lives. Without Love, our Soul starves and we never gonna feel truly fulfilled. Our biggest task is to return to this Love and dissolve the illusion of fear in our minds. When we integrate the shadow self and realize ourselves as divine beings of infinite love and one unity consciousness, separations ceases to exist and the fear of death dissolves into trust and a deeper knowing of who we are and why are we here on this earth plane.

The internal voices of fear and doubt quiet down then fall away as we let go of struggle and free ourselves from rage, depression and anxiety. We experience a sense of inner peace and a strong connectedness to all living being. We start to experience the power, beauty and magnificence of our being.

Without fear we live more fully and we have a deeper appreciation for this gift of life. Without fear we are more open to give and receive Love, compassion and kindness. And undoubtedly the lack of fear leads to exponential growth of happiness and joy on an everyday basis. That’s why we are doing this. This is what healing is all about, to be more happy in the here and now. We have a choice to live in love or in fear.

How would it feel to truly be fearless? How different our Life would be? Can we imagine living without constant worry and defensiveness? What if we could let go of the fear based excuses and only take positive actions towards our dreams?

What if every decision we made today, this week, this year, this life, was a powerful, deliberate decision based on Love rather than fear?

Living courageously and fearlessly is not a choice everyone will take.

Will you take it?


Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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