Love Letters to Self pt3

What is intuitive guidance?

Intuition is your 6th sense. It is centered in your heart and operates through your emotions. This inner, intuitive guidance bypasses the mind and goes beyond any mental construct. While the mind can be influenced, conditioned, manipulated your intuition is the pure voice of your higher guidance.

Did you ever have a good or bad feeling about something with no logical reason? That is your intuition. Did you ever tell yourself that you should have listened to your feelings and follow your intuition? That you knew, you felt what was gonna happen?

So why are we keep ignoring our internal compass, when it always proves to be right?

In the western societies we are conditioned to make our decisions based on logic and reason. We are conditioned to disregard and suppress our emotions and this separates us from our intuitive side (aspect).

How does intuition work?

Your natural state is balance, harmony, love and connectedness. When you are in alignment within yourself, when you are in your natural state you feel GOOD:)), you feel safe, relaxed and open to receive.

When you are out of alignment within, you experience disharmony, separation, anxiety and fear.

Your natural state is to feel good. You are equipped with a wonderful tool, an inner compass that is your heart. This heart based intuitive, feeling guidance shows you when you are out of alignment and when you are centered in our true self.

Intuition works pretty simple, follow what feels good, avoid that doesn’t. When you feel good about something that is your inner voice telling you you are on the right path, follow that. On the other hand if you feel bad about something, doubtful, obligated, afraid that is your inner voice telling you don’t go that way, it is not for the best interest.

How many times did you say I should have listened to my feelings! But I never heard anybody say that my intuition betrayed me and I should have listened to my logical mind instead.

Reclaiming the right to feel

We are emotional beings. Without our emotions we would be computers or robots. Unfortunately most people are conditioned to suppress emotions. From early childhood we are taught not to feel certain emotions and to make a decision based on logic, disregarding our intuition. This separation from our emotional nature is costing us dearly when we want to make the best decisions about our future.

To connect to your intuitive compass you have to allow yourself to feel again and listen quietly to the voice of your heart, your higher guidance.

Following intuitive guidance

The following exercise will help you to reconnect to your intuitive guidance and rebuild the trust in yourself to create your best life.

1. Pick a situation in your life where you are struggling to make a decision about how to proceed.

2. Think about all the options you have, all the possible actions that you can do regarding the situation you picked.

3. Sit down in quiet place, close your eyes, relax your body and take a few breaths.

4. Visualize each situation (one after the other) like if it has already have happened. Notice and write down how do yo feel at the end of each visualization about each situation.

5. Follow the best feeling option even if it doesn’t make sense to your mind.

When you start practicing following your intuitive guidance you harmonize with the natural cycles and rhythms and you enter into a state of effortless flow.

Your intuition is your higher sense that knows what to do even when your mind is super confused. There is no need to look any further, all you need is within you.

Follow your heart, intuition is your Superpower!


Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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