There is so much to be thankful for. I love all the plants for teaching me, nourishing me and adding beauty to my life. One of the plants I am most grateful for is the Mother Ayahuasca.
She helped me greatly to heal my life and reconnect myself. It was my own discomfort that led me to the Mother Plant. I wanted to find, peace, healing and comfort but most of all I wanted to feel loved and connected.

Through many years I created an intimate relationship with the Mother Ayahuasca. She is guiding me on a beautiful journey of transformation and love. Her light ignited my heart to open and thanks to her grace I could let go of my anxiety of not being good enough, not worthy of love. I faced my fear of death and embraced my shadow, I’ve seen my self punishment and self sabotage. She showed me the roots of my suffering with a gentle hand and loving eyes.

The Great Mother held me in her arms so I could feel the love and connectedness that I am. She helped me to de-condition myself and clear my mind from limiting beliefs and lies. Her love opened my eyes to the divine that was there all along in my heart. Thank you for her love, I could put myself together, collect my lost pieces and make myself whole again so I can fully receive this life.

This is an ongoing journey with her because her wisdom is so vast and the mystery of life is infinite. By working with this Medicine in a sacred, responsible way made me a better human and a better person. One of her gifts to me was teaching me how to guide others on this journey and help her to spread this love and light more into the world. Over the years I guided many through this beautiful journey and every time the result are what some call miracles.

It is my experience that the sacred, conscious and responsible use of the Mother Ayahusca can facilitate, in a powerful way deep healing and transformation by expanding awareness and opening the heart.

My commitment

Yes, I have experienced entheogenic plant medicine or psychedelics and it has positively affected my life. I pledge to honor both the wisdom offered by indigenous traditions and the knowledge provided by modern scientific research. I pledge to honor all life forms and take action to help restore the ecological balance on Earth.

Thank you for this medicine,

Thank you for love

Thank you for this life


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