I have a nice life. Really. I do what I love. I live in the Riviera Maya, one minute walk from the Caribbean Sea. I travel. This year for example I already spent 5 weeks in Costa Rica.

So naturally when I received this invitation to go back to the Costa Rica jungle for a special birthday celebration I said no to myself. No, I can’t.

I said no after going through all the reasons in my head why not.

The voices were loud and clear, stating their argument why I shouldn’t go, why the right thing is to say no to this invitation.

“You already had a holiday. 5 weeks of it! What else do you want? Some people can’t even do that. You should be happy with what you got. Anyway, what do you mean you are going to a birthday party in Costa Rica? How dare you! What a waste of money and time. What is it good for? You are selfish. You only think about yourself. You should be responsible and do as you are expected. And you have commitments too. This is really not a good time to leave. What’s gonna happen without you? Things will fall apart. You should save money not spend it. What is something happens and you need it? Then you won’t have! Just stay where you are and forget about this silly idea. It’s not gonna happen for you.”

Sound familiar?

As I was laying down on the sofa listening to the birds outside and cars passing by, feeling the soft air on my skin and my breath moving inside my body suddenly a brilliant idea occurred to me: Why yes?

What are the reasons why I should say yes to this invitation? Funny I never thought of it from this direction. I feel excitement to consider this new and interesting idea. I grab my pen and my journal and I start to write.

follow your dream
follow your dream

1. I really, really want it
I mean I so much want to go. I can feel the joy just by thinking about being there and joining this celebration. And I hear myself saying: live your best life.

In my best life I would happily say yes to this invitation and take time to be with my friends and family and celebrate together. I have the choice. This is my best life now. This means I am going 🙂

2. This is a truly unique experience not to be missed
Words are truly limited to describe all that takes place in that magical jungle forest. It is an opportunity for me to come together with my tribe, with my family and celebrate life, celebrate our relations and honor ourselves and our sacred path as spiritual warriors.

It is a powerful prayer of love, journey of sound, rhythm and dance.

3. This is a gift, an opportunity to expand myself and open my heart more
I am absolutely sure that this will be an uplifting and empowering experience on so many levels! It goes way beyond the personal as we are all connected and affect each other.

This expansion allows me to hold more love and empower and uplift others who are around me, having a more than positive effect on my environment and the world.

From this perspective I am in service for the greater good of all and it is really my duty to go:)))

4.Through receiving I am giving
I deserve to take some time for myself, rest and recharge so I can be in my full power, my full expression, and continue my service work and follow my passions. I allow myself to receive. By receiving I am filling up my own cup so I can give and share more with others. The more I have the more I can give. This is the new paradigm.

5. Respect
By honoring this invitation, I honor the person who invited me by being present.
They say treat others as you would like to be treated.
Also honoring myself, my heart’s calling and my true desires, I follow the path of love.

6. The healing power of dance
I want to dance all night, to dance my brain out. To let go, to dissolve, to become the music and the rhythm and to dance everything out, move it out, let it go. I have a regular yoga and meditation practice. I tried various principles and practices and still use many of them in my daily life. However I have to say there is something in dance. Some magic. I feel like there are places in me that I cannot touch, cannot reach but through dance and music they become available to me, they unlock and shower me with many gifts. I feel that this forest dance floor is my safe place where I can fully let go and truly be myself.

7. Choose trust rather than fear
This is a great opportunity for me to rewire old limiting beliefs (why I cannot) and open up to new possibilities (why can I?). It is a chance for me to choose to trust that everything is working out perfectly and it is ok for me to honor this calling and say yes to this special invitation.

dance all night
dance all night

And I choose trust. I trust in myself and the world to bring this together, make it happen.

Thanks to this experience, with no doubt in my mind I was delighted and excited to say yes to this invitation. I have my tickets ready. I am excited beyond this world to go. I feel so very happy, I feel light like a weight has lifted. I have no doubt I made the right decision. Right for me and for this moment.

And guess what, after all this thinking, my mind stops, the chatter slows down and those voices that were trying to pull me down disappeared. I can’t hear them anymore. What a relief. What a miracle.

Food for thought

Why are we working so hard to put ourselves down and make ourselves small and insignificant?

Why is it so hard to believe that we are deserving and we are worthy to enjoy our life and follow our passion?

Is there something that you said no to but you wish you have said yes?

What if, instead of asking what’s wrong with us we would ask what’s right with me?

Maybe simply we are just asking the wrong questions.

Just saying.


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