I was always blessed with a sisterhood.

To begin with I grew up with two sisters. Of course we had childish rivalry and many fights when we were younger but we also were always there for each other, having each other’s back, making a united front.

After the rebellious teenage years we became even closer as sisters and best friends now with much smoother edges and a deeper love and understanding.

One of the best thing that I love about sisterhood is that we have absolutely no secrets. We feel safe to share everything, the good the bad, the beautiful and the ugly knowing that we are still loved and accepted for who we are. We always know that we are not alone and that we are loved. This is s real gift in this world. I can’t imagine how could I go through life without this loving container knowing that it is always there for me.

As I grew up with my sisters we chose different paths, even ended up living in three different countries but still we make a commitment to nurture and treasure this relationship being aware the gift that we have. We know that our love and friendship cannot be divided by space and time. We take strength from this sisterhood and we also share a lot of joy and many blessings.

sisters forever
sisters forever

As the years passed Life has brought me many sisters though not related by blood or common heritage. I feel part of a global sisterhood now. I have always been blessed to be part of a women’s circle, some more formal than others. For me gathering in a circle with my sisters is a precious gift that I give to myself. It’s like going to the well to drink when I am thirsty. It’s a form of basic emotional nourishment.

Don’t get me wrong it is not always easy and rosy-dosy.

It’s also like walking in a hall of mirrors. The sisters reflecting you back to yourself. Your gifts and your challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to see or believe. Sometimes it’s shocking to look at yourself.

But no matter what happens we hold the same vision to remember that we are all int his together. Its for our own good to work out the differences and move forward together. If we fight we all gonna loose. We all know that. There is always a solution when there is love and a common goal. The great challenges turn out to be the most precious gifts. The hidden gems that bring unexpected healing and power. We remember that and honor those places of great learning.

Maybe this is why since the beginning of time women gathered in circles to share and support each other.

Often they gathered around the fire, preparing delicious meals and nourishing the whole tribe and family. They also gathered at moon time to share stories, to heal and to nurture themselves and each other. Here in these circles women stayed connected to their power, kept the flame of love burning in their hearts and received strength and support to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

together in the circle
together in the circle

There were some unspoken rules. Everything is welcomed and allowed except to turn against each other and deliberately harm another sister. If there was a conflict they talked it out and resolved it together.

At times when the unacceptable happened the woman in question was exiled, not welcomed anymore in the circle. This isolation was the hardest punishment imaginable.

I think it is a basic human need to feel emotionally connected to other human beings. As we are not only physical but mental, emotional and spiritual beings who live in community.

New scientific evidence declares that emotional isolation and loneliness shortens life span by up to 30% making it a bigger health risk than smoking or obesity.

But you don’t have to be a scientist to agree that feeling lonely and being isolated is not what we most dream of or want for themselves.

Today most women in the west don’t gather in a circle anymore. I wonder how many of us feel lonely? I wonder if this has something to do with the sad fact that the use of antidepressants increased by 65% in the last 15 years.

Weaving reality together
Weaving reality together

We all have a basic need to be loved and accepted. We all have a need to share our heart’s desires.

But there are many more reasons why today I again gather in a circle with my sisters. We all make it a priority to show up for ourselves and for each other. For us this is a sacred space of healing, nourishment and empowerment. We create and sustain this platform.

For me this circle is a safe place where I can be free to express without rejection.

For me this is a space where we deeply open and share our gifts, fears and desires.

For me this circle is a place of learning where we grow together.

For me this is a temple where deep healing happens while we hold each other

For me this is a space where I feel equal, not better or worse, knowing that we all teach and learn from each other.

For me this circle is a vortex of power, burning fire, Kali, the possibility to transform and transcend what weighs us down, holds us back.

For me this space is magic, pure manifestation, clarity and vision.

I feel like an army of women is standing behind me and I know that together we are stronger.

For me the circle is the new paradigm, a star of hope, a bright light in the darkness that helps us to remember we are in the same boat, together. We are all connected, we are all One.


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