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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

As we witness the crumbling of the western medical paradigm and also the re-emergence of the age old proven healing modalities, I am excited to welcome the new healing paradigm that contains the best of both worlds.

I am even more excited and passionate about launching the first ever Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy (AAT) Facilitator Training to prepare the new generation of healers.

How it all started

Sometimes I feel like I have already lived at least five lives just in this lifetime. This might be because of my ability to process wast amount of information and energy very fast. Somebody once compared me to a sponge for my ability to immerse myself into different experiences just to be deeply changed and enriched by.

Writing always was my natural go to to help myself process my experience but I never before considered writing a book for others. Writing was more personal to me.

However my need to share and my ability to write resulted in a website in the end, that probably nobody ever managed to get through, at least not at the beginning.

The book

After hiring a professional web designer I was told that the amount of information I put on my website was fitting to be put in a book. That was the first time I really considered writing a book for a wider audience. I also felt a personal calling through my experience with the Ayahuasca to share a specific perspective to assist the collective healing and upliftment of others.

The book: Heart Medicine, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process, focuses on the healing journey as a therapeutic process (death and rebirth) catalyzed by the Mother Ayahuasca. In the book I introduce a Map, a proven framework that serves as a context for this type of medicine work, especially for people in a western context.

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The Training

After years of working with this framework, outlaid in my book, on an individual basis I was astounded every time by the amazing results and profound changes that I was fortunate to witness over and over again. I started to see that the missing link in the west is the deeper understanding, the context and the integration of this specific medicine work with the Ayahuasca. I also saw that with personal guidance, support and conscious integration everybody was able to create long lasting, fundamental changes in their lives.

I also feel a personal calling to step into my next experience as a teacher and prepare others to be professional guides and navigators of the Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy process. These trained guides will be able to provide powerful support for the increasing number of individuals who wish to participate in this liberating and empowering medicine journey.

This is the first training in the west that provides healers with a specific map and skill set to navigate in non ordinary state of consciousness and assist others to integrate their Ayahuasca experience. This is the first immersion training that focuses on practical learning through personal experience and introduces a revolutionary framework to support this medicine journey. The training program was designed to be the most in depth, most up do date and most empowering experience that will create excellent and confident guides for Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy. These facilitators will be able professionally guide others by creating a safe, loving and sacred therapeutic container where deep healing and transformation can happen.

The combination of online training and residential retreat in Costa Rica makes this training flexible and available for people worldwide. Our team provides personal support during and after the training to ensure that our students feel ready and confident to guide others within the framework of Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy. Our platform, including our blog, podcast and other collaborative projects provide continuous and free information for our students and for all the people who are interested in New Paradigm Healing, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy, awakening and personal empowerment.

This training is also part of a conscious collective effort to educate and inform people about the conscious, responsible and therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in the west.

Our team

Our Expert team has many years of personal experience of using sacred medicine plants and integrated various healing modalities when guiding others. Our core team of teachers are natural space holders of the divine feminine essence, creating a beautiful and powerful container where alchemy and magic can happen. We are familiar with deep shadow work and transforming fears into love and power. Last but not least we are honored to walk this particular path of service, the path of love and remembering that we are all connected and One.

This is a truly unique opportunity and we are calling the new generation of healers who wish to participate as a pioneer and way shower in this powerful movement for healing, love and oneness.

You know who you are.

Please contact us here if you are interested in this training.

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Heart Medicine
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