The Preparation process

For a long time it is known, while working with entheogens there is a lot more to consider in terms of effect than just the substance itself. Today we refer to this as Set and Setting. Set refers to the mindset, mental emotional state, constitution of the person who is taking the entheogenic substance. Setting refers to the environment where the ceremony happens. In case of a healing Ayahuasca circle setting would be the physical location and environment where the ceremony takes place, the leaders, facilitators in the circle, number of people participating and their energetic makeup/intentions, the medicine itself and the source where it comes from.

Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy is a three part process that includes preparation, initiation and integration. In this post I am gonna focus on the preparation part to give you some pointers if you are considering a conscious journey with this Teacher Plant, Ayahausca.

Why is it important to prepare for this journey?

Most people either never heard about preparation or might have some information on diet and detox on the physical level. Remember that we are multidimensional beings of body, mind, heart and spirit so real preparation takes place on multiple level. So if you want to receive maximum benefits from this healing journey, I invite you to consider preparation in a conscious, sacred and responsible way.

1. Physical preparation

Most people are probably aware of that on the physical level there is a recommended vegan diet, deprived of salts, spices and animal products. Also cleansing from pharmaceuticals and other mind altering substances such as coffee and cannabis products is important part of this purification process. The Ayahuasca vine is a strong detoxification agent therefore preliminary cleansing will probably ease the discomfort that most people likely to experience to a certain level.


If you have a personal guide/healer/therapist she/he will help you with customizing the physical detox to your special circumstances and conditions. If you don’t have a personal guide you should receive this support from the shaman or the organizer of the Ayahuasca Ceremony/ Healing circle. I also recommend that you do your own research and discern for yourself what ultimately feels right for you. Warning sign can be if nobody asks you about your medical history, diet and health conditions before entering a ceremonial healing space.

2. Mental & Emotional preparation

On the mental and emotional level the preparation is based on the understanding of the magnetic law of attraction. Setting a clear intention and writing your personal ‘prayer’ will focus and shape your journey, assuring that you always get what you asked for. Working through some personal fears during the preparation and learning about the journey ahead will ease the process and allows the individual to open and fully receive what is available.


If you have a personal guide/healer/therapist she/he will help you with personal sessions to clarify your intentions and let go of fears connected to the upcoming journey. Your guide also explains you the ‘Map’, the framework for the journey ahead and what to expect and for how long. Becoming familiar with the ‘terrain’ before the journey eases the natural anxiety that occurs when taking a leap of faith into the unknown waters.

Most people are not familiar with this part of the preparation process therefore I highly recommend to have personal support, somebody experienced who can guide you through this aspect.

3. Spiritual preparation

Probably this is the most unknown part of preparation in the today’s western world. Might be a result of our unfortunate disconnection from the spiritual world, however this Sacred Plant the Ayahuasca can potentially help us to reconnect and remember our spiritual nature and divine essence. It is my experience that an Ayahuasca journey, when undertaken with a conscious, sacred, respectful manner, can lead us back to our most sacred part of ourselves. Therefore I invite you to approach this journey the same way you would enter a temple or a sacred site of healing and awakening.


This aspect of the preparation is more like an energetic withdrawal, bringing your energy back to yourself, restraining from watching the news, being online, sharing sexual energy, going out to socialize in order to prepare and honor your journey.

It is outmost important that these healing ceremonies happen in an energetically protected, prepared and safe place. The shaman and her/his facilitators are responsible to create and maintain a safe place. Leaving a ceremony before the end, before the enegetic closure can result in loss of personal power or energy. The organizers will inform you about the specific guidelines and requirements during the ceremony. Also if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask before starting the ceremony.

Benefits of preparation

Over the last few years I was honored to guide many people through this transformational and liberating journey. In my work with individuals we take at least 2-3 months for the preparation. After seeing many people choosing to prepare deeply for this journey, it is my experience that an adequate preparation will focus and accelerate your journey while creating more ease instead of unnecessary resistance and struggle.

I invite you to imagine that you are preparing for a life changing, magical event and put all your love, mindfulness and care into your preparation process.

Remember what you put in, you get out!

So why not to put in 100%?


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