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Love letter to Self pt 10

Prayer for me is a way to remember to focus on what I want to see manifest in the world.
In these times of darkness and division this is my prayer for our world.

“We stand at a threshold of a great dawning
Something deep within life is changing
An era is ending and at the very core of creation, something new is being born.

We are awakening from a long galactic sleep.
Now is the time of the great shifting of cosmic wheels, that will result in the reformation of planet earth and trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

We see a galactic tidal wave of divine light descending upon our Mother Earth, activating the highest potential of each human being.

We see reality being redefined, DNA being recalibrated, and earth systems on a global scale being harmonized and uplifted into the highest vibration of love and light.

We see all of humanity opening with love and kindness, gathering in community, sharing, celebrating, living in harmony with all creation.

We see the process of birth as an awesome undertaking where everything is redeemed and reborn in miraculous ways.

We see our human family and the New Earth emerging from the womb of chrysalis, spreading our wings the first time with perfect confidence and leaping into a graceful fight with divine ecstasy.

We see humanity going beyond beliefs and doctrines, dissolving the veils of illusion and seeing our world in its true unimaginable glory.

We see humanity being aware of the multidimensional reality and the interconnectedness of all life and all species.

We see the divine light igniting within us and overflowing to connect us all through our hearts and our divine minds.

We see a new world without war, without fear and without greed and we see the beautiful Mother Earth in the safe custodianship of an awakened human species, living in peace, love and harmony.

We see our human family as a family of multidimensional beings, conscious, whole and free.
We see all sentient beings being blessed by divine, unconditional love.”

So be it, so it is.


One Love

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