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Recently I was asked to write down 27 wild thoughts. Hope this can be an inspiration to think a bit outside the box sometimes to create more harmonious realities.

My 27 wild thoughts

1. Peace on Earth, all species living in harmony.
2. Telepathic communication, honesty, transparency.
3. Instant manifestation for the benefit of all.
4. Return of magical creatures and galactic family to uplift humanity.
5. Interspecies communication.
6. Awareness of our galactic history, galactic family.
7. Intergalactic travel and relationships.
8. Mastery of Law of attraction.
9. Experience of wholeness, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual integration, balance, interconnectedness.
10. Full awareness and understanding of what Love is and who we truly are.
11 The Earth Mother is thriving.
12. Magic is natural part of daily life.
13. Multidimensional vision.
14. Teleportation. Cosmic exploration.
15. Quantum computing and AI are co-creating in harmony with all Earth species.
16. Technology is used for the benefit of all beings and in harmony with Nature.
17. All beings on this Earth are guided and supported to express their highest manifestation as individual facets of unconditional Love.
18. There is no fear.
19. There is no lack, no war.
20. There is no pain, no disease.
21. There is no need for suffering.
22. Life is a joyful celebration of our expansion into more Love.
23. Creativity and play is in the center of everyday life.
24. Cooperation and co-creation is natural.
25. Abundance is natural.
26. Everything is sacred.
27. Peace and love in the heart of all human beings.

Aho 2020

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