Spiritual emergency, Ayahuasca and psychic attacks

More and more people come to my psychedelic integration practice who suffer from a certain kind of spiritual emergency as the result of intrusive energies, black magic spells and psychic attacks after an Ayahuasca ceremony.

I used to believe that magic, wizards and witches belong to the world of fairy tales and not in real life. I was convinced that magic spells and love potions are just fantasy. I was taught that nothing exists beyond the material. I was told that logic and reason is the highest value and intuition, feelings and inner guidance couldn’t be trusted or followed if you wanted to be loved and accepted.

Today I know that there are many invisible worlds and much exists beyond the material, beyond the mind and the 5 senses. Psychedelics are powerful tools to open doors into these invisible worlds and it’s our choice and responsibility to decide which doors we wish to open and go through.

And don’t think that this is something we know nothing about in the western world, let me tell you that the CIA had a secret program, called MK Ultra, that started in 1953 and included using LSD as a possible truth serum to extract information from people. And that was not all! In 1978 the Stargate Project was established to studied psychic phenomena and especially remote viewing. Much exist beyond the ordinary!

What is black magic?

Black magic is as real as healing and can harm you, drive you crazy or potentially kill you.

White magic or healing is supporting somebody with the intention of upliftment and from a place of love. For example, praying for someone’s recovery when sick, physically, mentally emotionally support somebody when they are having a hard time can be very healing.

Black magic is using tools and knowledge with the intention to cause harm, bring down or to manipulate, to control someone. Some people decide to take this path for personal gain of money, sex and power. Black magic is often hidden, invisible and hard to detect and in most cases the individuals are not aware that they are victimized.

I know that healing exists because I experience it all the time. And I know that black magic exists because we live in duality and everything has its opposites. Where there is light, there is darkness also.

We have to accept that predators exist. I experienced this truth many times and I am sure you did too.

The only thing you can do is to choose wisely which path you take and remember that your choices always have consequences.

Ayahuasca and black magic

One of the biggest misunderstandings about sacred plants is that they are benevolent spirits who will heal you and can’t harm you. It’s important to understand that sacred plants like the Ayahuasca are powerful amplifiers of energy, neither good or bad, they magnify the energy of the person who is working with them. Ultimately what matters is the intention of the person using a scared plant for ill or for good.

When someone is not healed, integrated and purified to a certain level, it’s easy to give into the temptation and promises of the dark side. This is the most common reason why people misuse sacred plants for black magic. The greater the power the greater the temptation and the greater the responsibility, no one is immune to that. When we work with sacred plants it’s our responsibility to be discerning and protect ourselves.

If you wish to work with Mother Ayahuasca is is outmost importance that you choose a safe place and people with the highest levels of ethics and integrity. The Ayahuasca doesn’t harm you, but she can amplify the harmful energies sent to you from particular people who work with these energies.

Learn how to do that in this webinar: 5 Step Responsible preparation for plant medicine journeys

Read our Code of Ethics and Best Practices for Ayhuasca professionals here to learn what is ok and not ok in the psychedelic healing space.

Red Flags

How can you know if you are possibly a victim of black magic?

The following are the most common symptoms of black magic and intrusive energies based on my experience. You might feel some of these in the ceremony but more often after the ceremony or retreat you just fall into a downward spiral, seemingly never ending and without any relief.

  • Lingering very dark and heavy energy
  • Growing self doubt, thought loops
  • Negative voices driving you crazy, pushing you deeper into self doubt
  • Really strong sense that something is not right, fear, anxiety
  • Feeling drained all the time
  • Falling into despair
  • Hallucinations, insomnia, loss of appetite

If these symptoms persist long term and get worse over time after your ceremony please contact a trained shamanic practitioner who can clear these intrusive energies, then dive into your integration process to address your vulnerabilities that enabled the intrusive energy to connect to you in the first place.

We all have wounds, traumas and imagine these creating holes in your aura, in your invisible energy body this way leaving you without protection and making you vulnerable to these intrusive energies.

Guided integration allows you to address and heal those wounds and create healthy boundaries and energetic protection for yourself.

Are you vulnerable?

Through my work I helped many people go through these types of spiritual emergencies, clear intrusive energies, heal their wounds and integrate their shadow aspects. A common theme that stands out is a childlike naivete, denial of reality, desire to live in a fantasy world and of course lack of boundaries that are rooted in childhood trauma.

  • Being very naive, denial of the shadow side (thinking that it’s all love and light)
  • Doubting yourself (lack of inner guidance)
  • Thinking that the medicine is all good, will protect you and cannot harm you
  • Putting people on a pedestal, thinking that they are perfect (shamans, healers)
  • Lack of boundaries, lack of discernment what is good, what is not (due to past trauma)

Through conscious integration work you can embrace and heal this wounded child aspect, empower yourself and recover your trust in the world and yourself once again.

Transforming darkness to light

I listened to many horrifying stories from victims of black magic and what struck me the most powerfully was that in the end every time there was a happy ending, people healing themselves, taking back their power, turning a nightmare into a gift that they could feel grateful for and that was worth sharing.

Here are some of the common gifts and the biggest learnings people received while going through these very challenging rite of passage experiences.

  • The truth will set you free
  • The power of no
  • You have a choice
  • Trust and follow your Heart and inner guidance
  • Love is the medicine

I think you can look at these experiences as a rite of passage to sovereignty and personal empowerment, especially in retrospect.

I deeply resonate with the perspective of Dr Stanislav Grof who thought that spiritual emergencies can be potentially positive and transformative and can lead to deep healing, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Dr Grof emphasizes the importance of a supportive and understanding environment and a trained guide or therapist who can be crucial in helping individuals navigate and integrate these intense experiences.

Help is always available!

Stay safe on your plant medicine journey!

If you want to become an ethical, confident and professional Ayahuasca Integration guide learn about my Training Program starting in April 2024!


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