I believe that the sacred, responsible use of the Ayahuasca brew can facilitate, in a powerful way, deep healing and transformation by expanding awareness and unlocking human potential.

The Western Approach

The emerging interest and availability of Ayahuasca urges us to find a way to translate this subject and make it fully available in a Western context. My true desire is to contribute to this discussion and offer a new perspective to explore.

Due to a lack of information and understanding many people approach this sacred medicine from a Western perspective of curing. We are taught that all we need to do is take medicine and hope it will heal us.
This Western approach is transforming the use of the sacred Ayahuasca plant by taking it without context, ritual, guidance, preparation and/ or pure intention. This may result in missing the teachings and healing that could have taken place in a nurturing environment.

Synergy of two plants: Ayahuasca vine and Chakruna leaves
Synergy of two plants: Ayahuasca vine and Chakruna leaves

New Paradigm Healing

It is my experience that healing and learning is a participatory process. Ayahuasca is a Teacher Plant. She is the gift of the Earth Mother to awaken us, help us heal and correct our ways to live in more harmony and love. The healing process takes time and includes an active integration process. It requires courage, trust, deep surrender and commitment to change.

You are your Healer

Only you have the power to heal yourself. The Mother Ayahuasca simply helps you to ‘see’ where you got stuck or sidetracked and illuminates your way back to your higher expression and path. You have to take the steps. You have to make the necessary changes. You have to take action and dedicate yourself to your transformation. You have to participate in and create the life that you desire. Through this participatory journey you recover your gifts, your heart, your power, your health, your freedom and your confidence.

All power comes from within.
All power comes from within.

Healing is a Journey

Healing is a process. It starts with conscious preparation and purification before the healing ceremony. Taking the Mother Ayahuasca in a ceremonial setting is a symbol of initiation where we dive into our personal journey and discovery. After the ceremony there is a period of integration when we need to anchor, put into practice and embody the gifts and teachings we received throughout our journey. The first few weeks of this phase is of the utmost importance and this process can last up to one year.


When we embark on this journey with the sacred Ayahuasca plant as Westerners, we are exploring unknown territory. We lost touch with nature and our shamanic inheritance. We forgot the ancient ceremonies and rituals that teach us how to work with sacred healing plants. Therefore it is crucial that we have an experienced guide who can support us on our journey for the first time.

The force is with you.
The force is with you.

A guide is our most valuable asset to overcome obstacles and move through intense moments when we are most tempted to give up. Making sure that you have guidance, continuous support and free time to dedicate yourself to this transformational journey is a priority if you are called to walk this sacred path of healing and awakening.

Welcome to this Journey

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My personal journeys with the Mother Ayahuasca and my experience as a guide for others inspired this special program that focuses on a personally guided journey including preparation, initiation and integration process.

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