Who is the inner child?

Those of you who are on a healing journey are probably familiar with the term inner child work.

But let’s clarify what is the inner child and why that work is needed for us to be free.

Let’s start with the fact that in childhood, we have less or no resources (strength, awareness, skills) to deal with constant stress and trauma. When something overwhelming happens that threatens our safety and survival, we often shut down and dissociate from the experience. At the moment of this separation/dissociation, the mind fragments as a coping mechanism in order to survive and the unprocessed experience is held in that fragment.

Often the most significant damage happens when we are children, so these fragmented parts stay at the level of the child, and we refer them as inner child.

So, the inner child is that lost part of us where we carry most of our pain, things that we don’t want to see, feel, and remember because it feels too much to bear.

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