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IMAGINE that you are born with a personalized, unique internal guidance system that is incorruptible, and that is always guiding you to the direction of your dreams and highest good.

Imagine this inner voice always present, always reliable and always available for you.

It’s called intuition.

Have you considered what it would feel like to be fully tapped into your INTUITION?

How would it feel like to know what to, when and how to do it, at any moment in your life?

What is Intuition and where does it come from?

Intuition is a calm, clear, grounded, authentic voice, that comes from within and tells us how to show up with love in our best possible expression. Intuition is a deep knowing where there is no place for doubt. This voice always makes you feel comforted, uplifted. Intuition is our inner guide, our inner teacher, our sixth sense.

The word intuition originates from the latin intuicioun meaning insight, direct cognition or spiritual perception. I love this definition!

Think of intuition is a way of receiving and decoding information through the heart center from your higher self, divine aspect. Intuition is your soul talking to you. It is you communicating with your higher self.

When you open and connect with your heart you access your personal intuitive guidance system. Your intuition is undisturbed by the conditioned mind and beyond conscious reasoning.

Intuition always makes sense from a higher perspective because intuition is superior to expertise.

The mind is conditioned, programmed, indoctrinated by others from the moment of your birth.

How do you supposed to know what is your thought and what is other people’s belief?

The mind has deceived you in the past.

Intuition on the other hand is PURE and doesn’t have any opinion or thoughts.

“The intuitive mind (higher mind) is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Einstein

5 ways intuition can change your life

Clarity and confidence

When you are in touch with this intuitive guidance system, you feel clear and confident, free to move forward on your path. When you follow your intuition, you are sovereign and not influenced by the opinion of others nor in need of external validation.

2. Success

Intuition is also a key to successful life and one of the two common traits that all successful people share. It plays a central role in their decision making process. Intuitive people make complex decisions faster and more successfully compared to those who only rely on clear evidence and rational thought.

3. Flow

Follow your intuition and flow, expand, or deny it and circle around! When you are following your intuitive guidance your life becomes an effortless flow of synchronistic events.

INTUITION is a powerful tool to navigate life with more ease and confidence and without a doubt it will assist you to thrive and create success and contentment in your life.

4. Awareness

Often times intuition makes you change your mind and expand your awareness if you listen. When you listen to your intuition you have better focus and make decisions faster and easier.

5. Creativity

Intuition connects you to the spiritual realm and therefore the realm of inspiration from where all creative ideas flow. All artists and creators are familiar with this intuitive voice that creates the magic that touches the hearts through art and creative expression.

5. Inner peace

Life is a series of making decisions. When you rely only on your mind to make decisions, you feel lost and confused. Often paralyzed. Stuck, unable to move forward. This anxiety coming from the mind can stop you and make you afraid to take risk and to follow your dreams.

When you start to follow this intuitive guidance, flow will return to your life. You will start to feel more confident, trusting that voice, trusting yourself, beyond others. Your mind will be much clearer and calmer and you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your heart.

What happens when we don’t follow this voice?

When we ignore and deny our intuition it almost always leads to heartbreak. Self destruction. Never ending uphill struggle. Exhaustion. Depression.

What happens when we listen?

Flow and ease, magic and miracles, synchronicities and instant manifestations!

Take back your intuitive power!

When we listen to this intuitive, inner guidance, we thrive. We grow in confidence and freedom. We open up to more success. We step into a state of flow and expand our awareness. Our creativity will soar and we will feel excited about this adventure called life.

Start today to get in touch with your intuition with the following inquiry:

A good place to start….

What do I need to do to hear my intuitive voice? How can I listen, tap into my intuition?

What is my intuition telling me? How does that feel?

What is my mind telling me, what do I think? How does that feel?

Are you ready to change your life and be free?

Join me here on an upcoming journey to Reclaim your Intuitive Superpower!

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