A lot of people still think that if you go to therapy there is something wrong with you and possibly you are insane.

But let me tell you why healing is the most sane and responsible thing you can ever do if you truly care about your well being and being an inspiration for others!

1. We all come from trauma and dysfunction

In my life I never met a person who had a perfect life that was only filled with love and happiness.

Most people think of their parents like they did the best they could but they were not perfect. They were traumatized. For example my grandfather was taken to a Siberian work camp and nobody knew if he was dead or alive for 5 years. My parents both grew up under a communist regime raised by parents who were just out of the war. So as you can see by the time I was born it was already a lot of accumulated trauma in my family. But my point really is that life is intense and there is a lot to deal with for everybody.

Most of us comes from a dysfunctional family. And on top of that for the older generation the main coping mechanism was to suppress the pain and pretend that it never really happened.

2. Broken people can’t raise healthy individuals or create healthy relationships

Most likely you were raised in a dysfunctional family, simply because your parents also were raised by dysfunctional people.

In addition your mindset and identity is mostly formed by the time you are 7 years old. You are conditioned by your immediate environment, in this case dysfunctional family and therefore you learn the same dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

This is how the chain of pain is created and the same mistakes are repeated in the family lineage. Most of these patterns and coping mechanisms are unconscious, this is the reason why you keep recreating the pain/trauma even though that is exactly what you want to avoid.

3. Ignorance keeps us repeating the same mistakes

Awareness is the key to heal and create change.

When you are ignorant and not aware of your whole self, your true nature you suffer. You keep reacting from your pain and keep blaming others for your suffering. You are powerless.

The first step of healing is that you acknowledge that you are in pain. That you are not happy.

This is a necessary step for healing to begin.

Once you are there and obvious question will arise: what are you going to do about the pain?

Well the wound might not be your fault but healing is your responsibility.

4. It’s hard to do it alone

When you realize that you are wounded, it’s natural to want to heal and feel better, be happier.

Imagine who would you be without your wound? How would your life look like?

Please understand that your also wounded friends and relatives are not the best people to help you and guide you in your healing process. So you can do it alone but it will be harder and longer.

The best service you can do for yourself at the beginning is to find a healer, guide, therapist who you resonate with and who really embodies their teaching through personal experience.

Remember help is always available and there for you just need to be open to receive it.

5. Healing leads to health and happiness

It is my experience that the more you heal and integrate yourself, the more happy you will be and the more you will be able to create healthy and loving relationships.

So within as without.

Your external world is a reflection of your internal reality. When you let go of the fear and pain that you carry your world both internal and external starts to fill up with more love. Through healing you truly become free from trauma and conditioning that keep you in bondage and perpetuates suffering. Through healing you start to remember who you truly are beyond your wounds, your ideas and your programming.

You are the healer.

Love is the medicine.

start here: https://www.avatarhealingarts.com/workshops

With love, Nina Izel @Avatarhealingarts

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