Definition of the shadow

What most people call the shadow is the unconscious part of ourselves that we do not identify with, that we are in denial of and that we feel separate from. You can think about it as part of your Soul that is fragmented, disconnected from your whole self.

This is the part of you that keeps you repeating the same mistakes and perpetuate a chain of suffering and pain. Eckhart Tolle knowingly calls this part the pain body.

What is shadow work

Shadow work is simply making the unconscious conscious. Illuminating our blind spots with the light awareness. Expanding our perception and integrating our shadow aspect with love and compassion. Collecting our lost pieces and coming back to our natural state of wholeness, alignment and balance.

Why do your shadow work?

Those who embrace shadow work and commit to this path of healing and awakening to find their freedom, joy and happiness.

Freedom from inner limitations, programs, conditioning, trauma that keeps us stuck, in pain repeating the same mistakes. Joy of coming back to your true self, your inner peace and to your inner guidance. Happiness based on deep trust in yourself, your path and your purpose.

My favorite shadow work tools

Facing your shadow can be scary and unsettling process to say the least. To create a safe container is essential to feel safe in order to move through theses experiences. If you are not sure you can hold space for yourself it is wise to ask for help with that. However an element of trust is necessary to know that whatever is arising for you, you are ready to heal and let go.

Guidance and container

When you start diving into your shadow your best ally is an experienced guide who can create a safe container for you. Going in alone without guidance, without a map is like a blind person trying to find their way in the darkness. Though everything is possible and you can do it alone but certainly it will be longer and more painful. And the great news is, you don’t have to do it alone. If you are open to receive it, guidance and support is always available.

Healing in non-ordinary states of consciousness

One of the best ways to access the shadow in the unconscious where it resides is to go into the unconscious by intentionally altering your state of consciousness.

Breathwork, shamanic practices, EMDR, hypnotherapy, meditation, sound therapy, plant medicines like Ayahuasca for example help us to access these theta and delta states where healing can happen on a soul level. Working on these levels create radical shifts in one’s life because it allows us to address directly the root of the problems.

Inner Child healing

A common piece of shadow work is the so called the inner child healing. The reason for this is because the majority of the trauma occurs during the first seven years. If you embark on your journey of healing for sure you will meet with your inner child who is not happy.

To integrate and heal this inner child aspect is vital for emotional maturation and to create healthy and loving relationships.

When the inner child is lost, separated and rejected it manifest through self sacrifice, self punishment and self sabotage throughout our life.

Love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness are the real medicine to the pain that the child has suffered.

Grounding practices

Doing deep shadow work and healing in non-ordinary states however fast and effective, requires grounding and integration so we can really embody the changes on a practical, every day level. It is most beneficial to have regular practices such as journaling, meditation or any kind of mindfulness practices. Movement is also a powerful tool like dance, yoga, marshal arts, chi or any kind of somatic experience that helps to release memories from the physical body. Nature is a great way to center and ground or just to harmonize your energy field in general. A supportive circle of like minded people creates a safe container where you feel free to be yourself, open and vulnerable.

Benefits of shadow work

Most of us wants to enjoy this life, be content, at peace and be free. This is what we mean we want to be happy. When you heal yourself and start integrating your shadow you will feel more happy, content and free regardless of your circumstances. This is why happiness is a good way to measure how effective your shadow work has been:)))

To learn more about the benefits of shadow work read my article about 7 Gifts of Shadow work that will change your life.

One thing I learnt through my shadow work,

We are the light and the shadow.

We are the healers. Love is the medicine.

I love you.

Nina Izel

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