We are open to all possibilities

By now we know that we don’t know.
We know that we cannot even imagine how life will look like in 20 or 30 years.
One thing seems to be sure that it is gonna be very different.

Change is constant and it is speeding up in an exponential way.
We are in a moment of radical world wide revolution.
We are re-inventing ourselves. We are transforming into a new race.
Our technology is advancing with an amazing rate. Old paradigms shift as we better understand who we are and what is going on here:)

We as one humanity are all facing the unknown. We are open to all possibilities. And according to quantum theory there are infinite possibilities. Albeit we live in a polarized world here. We like to think in opposites, we like to go to the extreme.

I believe that the best thing we can do in our current situation is to open conversations, welcome our diversity and different point of views, allow new ideas, welcome pioneers and trust that we will make a wise decision for the benefit of all humankind.

I have much respect for Yuval Noah Harari professor to be a unique voice and offer his perspective on the future of humanity. His focus is on the worst case scenario in the hope to raise awareness of what can go wrong and to influence people to think before making a decision and not after. I think he is right that we all have to be aware of the unwanted scenarios if we hope to avoid them.

Listen to his talk here: On the rise of Homo Deus

worst case scenario
worst case scenario

The technological advancement and the reality of AI (artificial intelligence) makes some to focus on a not so bright future when the machines take our power away and push humanity down from the top of the food chain. The end of this story is usually a humanity enslaved and exploited by the machines. Not very optimistic but it can be possible.

On the other hand this technological advancement makes us rethink very fundamental definitions such us who we really are? Why are we here – what is our purpose?

Our current challenges push us to find new answers, explore new territories.

As the industrial revolution started to replace physical abilities, the technological revolution, AI is starting to replace cognitive, mental abilities and this brings us back to an old question who we really are?

According to western science which dictates what is true and not true, we are a physical machine. Our body is a machine made up from little parts. The brain generates the mind what we use for thinking. So we are a physical and mental being.

We have emotions too, but let’s not about that too much it is not so important, better to suppress them anyways so they don’t interfere with the perfect mind, brain activity.

And that’s it.

What is true?
What is true?

If this is true, we are in really big trouble. It this is true AI is a big threat. If this is true we are as humans just a bit more as a machine that can think. The only difference is we are able to feel emotions. Experience bliss or pain. A machine can never do that.

So what makes us really human?

What is happiness? What gives meaning?

The poets say all we need is love.

Mystics say that the food of the soul is love and indeed we are starved.

The Buddhist spent 6000 years to go beyond the mind and rest in the witnessing awareness to access peace and loving compassion.

Shamans know we are all part of a Greater design, connected as One.

According to many we are spiritual beings.

Our spirit is our essence self, undying, unchanging and it is part of the one spirit that some people call God, Love, Universe or consciousness awareness.

What is conscious awareness?

Our ability to reflect on ourselves, to observe the mind and change point of observation. Our ability to go beyond the mind enables us to transcend the limitations of the mind and expand our horizon into our essence self.

The shamans say that the disease of the west is caused by the illusion of our separation from spirit from our divine nature that we are all connected to. In order to awaken from this collective dream we have to expand our awareness and go beyond the confines of the body and mind. The gateway through we we can proceed is the heart. Our feeling, intuitive nature. Our 6th sense. We have to open our heart and feel. Through the heart we can rise above the mind and anchor into our divine nature. The key is Love.

Love is the biggest power
Love is the biggest power

If you are only your body and your mind, you are reaching your limitations very soon. And from then on you will only degrade. Everything created dissolves at one point.

If you believe that you are body, mind, heart, spirit then you have a whole new world to explore, to evolve.

Think about it. Shamanism is a 100 thousand years old tradition still functioning based on the principle that you are a spiritual being in a physical body but still part of the great everything, always connected.

Maybe it is worth for us to consider this perspective?

But we don’t have to go so far back. One of the most influential author of our age Neale Donald Walsh has a very similar understanding.

In his book, Awaken the Species, he describes the characteristics of a highly evolved beings.

An awakened species:

– sees the unity of all life

– tells the truth, honest, transparent,

– do what they say, do what works

– don’t have justice and punishment systems, no violence

– don’t have ‘lack consciousness’

– don’t have ownership

– shares everything all the time

– balance between technology and nature

– never kills anything, including the self

– non violent, non competitive

– experiences and expresses unconditional love

– harnessed the power of metaphysics

highly evolved beings
highly evolved beings

This sounds good enough for me. From this perspective we definitely have a lot of room to evolve, explore and transcend. I would like to live in a world that is based on love, sharing, cooperation, creative expression, peace and well-being. I think this is something to aspire for. For me evolution means expansion. A deeper understanding of who am I. A deeper experience of who am I. So where we can expand to? It depends on our definition of who we truly are.

I am a being of Love. As I evolve I expand my capacity to hold and embody more love. It feels good to be loving. I follow what feels good to me. My heart is my compass. I live in a different reality.

We face infinite possibilities. The best way to predict the future is to create it in this present moment now. We create what we focus on. What is the your best vision for yourself, for your life, for your future?

So much love.

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