A long, long time ago…

When the one unified consciousness split and fragmented into creation it became polarized into what we call the feminine-masculine principle or the dark – light dynamic structure.

This polarized energy of light and dark, creation, destruction can be observed and understood as a natural flow of integration and disintegration/dissolution.

The creative process or feminine principle is an integrative movement/energy when things are brought together and expressed in their totality and power. Think about putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

The process of destruction, fragmentation or masculine principle is movement/energy of dissolution when things are taken apart and expressed in their fragmented, separated form. Think about taking apart a jigsaw puzzle.

Again nature is the best example for you to observe this natural ebb and flow of integration (moving towards harmony, balance) and dissolution (moving away from harmony and balance).

The Mayans, for example, were aware of these natural cycles and rhythms. The Mayan calendar perfectly depicts this circular, cyclical movement of energy on a planetary and galactic level.

The Mayan calendar and the cycles of time

In the Mayan calendar the great cycle is 5184 years (13 baktun) long and the Long Calendar contains 5 great cycles and equals 25,920 years in total. Some people refer to this as a Platonic year.

The Mayan Long Calendar (25,920 years) is based on the precession of the equinoxes as observed by many ancient people around the planet. It also serves as a basis for zodiac astrology.

Imagine it like a large astronomical clock for the Earth layed over the 12 zodiac signs on the sky. During the Long Calendar the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox. This remarkable cycle is due to a synchronicity between the speed of the earth’s rotation around the sun, and the speed of rotation of our galaxy.

On 21 december, 2012 the Mayan long count (5184 years)and the Long Calendar (25,920 years) both ended. Some interpreted this as the end of days, an armageddon type of event, while others believe that it simply means a transition into a new cycle both on a planetary and on a galactic level.

Interestingly, this is also a time when the Earth moves on the astrological clock from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius ushering in the age of freedom and liberation.

What does this all means?

If we look at the biggest planetary cycle, The Mayan Long Calendar, 25,920 years, we understand that the whole cycle is itself polarized containing a phase of integration (creation – 12,960 years) and dissolution (destruction – 12,960 years). Think about it as a big universal inhale and exhale to feel the energy of this movement.

Where are we now?

The good news is that in alignment with the natural cycles and rhythms, in december 2012, planet Earth finished the last cycle of dissolution (moving away from balance) and started a new cycle of integration, moving towards harmony and balance.

I know that’s not how it looks right now on the Earth.

The energy of integration

Those who are familiar with healing and shadow work understand that the before dawn is the darkest and often things get worse before they get better.

From an energetic perspective this shift in energy toward integration that happened on the Earth in 2012 created a new template, a new energetics. This means that everything (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions) that is aligned with the idea/energy of integration/ creation (moving towards harmony) is supported energetically to grow and expand, while at the same time everything that is not alignment (destructive) will not be supported and affirmed in this new energetics anymore.

This new energy of integration is creating an increasing contrast with the old energy of dissolution (old structures, beliefs) so often deep conflicts arise and projected in order to clear the old energetics and align ourselves with the new template of integration both on an individual and on a planetary level.

This re-alignment of energy can often look like as a so called healing crises or breakdown, but it is really a necessary breakthrough, and breaking free from the attachments to the old energetic system.

Because physical matter is slowed down energy vibrating on a lower frequency level, the energetic changes that take place on a higher frequency level will take time some to filter down to the physical reality. This manifests as a delay between the energetic change taking place and its physical manifestation to occur on the material level. This is the reason why it appears that things get worse before they get better.

How to navigate this process?

Body - Mind - Heart - Spirit Medicine

This major energetic shift on the Earth is happening regardless of the awareness or ignorance of the people. The best advice can be given is to learn to navigate this transition and make the best out of our experience.

Indeed these are exciting times. Big endings and beginnings of galactic cycles, the big shifting of the cosmic wheel. This new energy template of integration is called Christ consciousness or the New Earth by many.


By understanding the energetics of this transition we can consciously align ourselves with the new templates and patters and ride the waves of this process.

Understanding allows us to surrender to this cosmic flow and let go of the resistance that attaches us to the old paradigm structures and patterns. When we surrender we create more ease and flow. You don’t have to suffer.

To align with this new energy of integration we need to bring our lost pieces together, body, mind, heart and soul. Reflecting on what serves or resists this integration you will know what to embrace and what to let go of.

Welcome to the Age of Integration

Welcome to the New Earth.

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