Psychedelic plants like Ayahuasca can be powerful allies in our healing and awakening journey. However, they are not magic pills. As much as they can help you to heal and be free, they also can magnify your ego and further trap you in your shadow aspect.

Set and setting are the two major factors that contribute to the quality and outcome of your psychedelic experience. Responsible preparation and supported integration are crucial to get the most out of your journey and to create a safe container.

To stay on your higher path while working with psychedelics, it is vital to understand that you are the healer, and the plants are powerful allies to aid you in your healing journey. Healing is a participatory process where you play the most important part. You are the one who can face your shadow and take action to change your life. Only you have the power to do that. You are the healer.

Continue reading to find out the most common pitfalls on the plant medicine path!

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