How ethical misconduct happens in plant medicine spaces

The most common ethical misconduct in therapy spaces in general is the abuse of sex, power and money. Therefore professional, licensed therapists have to adhere to a code of ethics and standard of practice and they can be held accountable if any transgression happens.

When you work in the shamanic plant medicine the sacred plant medicine act as amplifiers to enhance our shadow and our light. This amplification allows us to see, to become aware of our blind spots and shadow aspect so we can transform and change them. However sometimes when this amplification happens, we can get lost in shadow aspect and be completely unaware that it happened. In this state of ignorance you can potentially harm yourself and others, even if it’s with the best intentions.

When a person who supports others in their psychedelic healing journey has not done the sufficient healing work and not purified to a certain level, his/her shadow aspect will manifest in the healing container and can lead to potential ethical misconduct.

Common reasons for ethical misconduct of plant medicine practitioners

  • Lack of guidelines & accountability, supervision
  • Inadequate training
  • Lack of healing and integrity
  • Conflicts of interests
  • Lack of safe container

A need for ethical guidelines in the shamanic plant medicine

As psychedelic assisted therapy is a newly emerging field there is a need for a more specialized code of ethics and standard of practice to create a basic standard and some form of accountability for practitioners on the plant medicine path.

Responding to the need for ethical guidelines for shamanic plant medicine, a group of experienced practitioners came together and volunteers their time, effort and expertise to create the first code of ethics and standard of practice for Ayahuasca healing practitioners.

Even though this document focuses on a specific plant medicine called Ayahuasca, we believe it can inspire fellow practitioners, who are committed to working with different sacred plant medicine, to create their own ethical guidelines. Different sacred plant medicine and psychedelic substances can have very different characteristics, therefore I think it’s important to create more specific guidelines for each substance or plant medicine while some of the guidelines can be more general and applied in each cases.

Code of ethics and standard of practice for Ayahuasca professionals

In the realm of non-ordinary consciousness, where healing and transformation unfold, ethical conduct takes on even greater significance. As Ayahuasca healing professionals, we understand the importance of navigating ethical issues, fostering self-reflection, and embracing supervision. Join us as we delve into the principles that guide our practice and ensure the highest standard of care.


Our ethical guidelines as follows

1. Love and compassion

Discover how love and compassion form the foundation of our work, as we commit to healing, uplifting, empowering, and doing no harm.

2. Equality

Unveil our dedication to non-discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or appearance, fostering an environment of respect and dignity.

3. Informed consent and voluntary participation

Understand the importance of transparent communication, ensuring participants are well-informed about the process, substances used, and techniques that are applied.

4. Privacy and confidentiality

Explore the importance of confidentiality, safeguarding the sacred space of healing and ensuring that all client-related materials remain protected.

5. Creation of a safe container

Learn about the importance of a safe container that allows deep healing to happen.

6. Healthy boundaries

Recognize the significance of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries to protect the well-being of all participants.

7. Truth and integrity

Discover how we uphold truth and integrity in our work, committed to honest, loving, and transparent communication.

8. Respect

Explore the respect we hold for nature, indigenous cultures, ancestral wisdom, and the right of individuals to choose their path.

9. Expertise

Understand our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of training and education in the field, continuously expanding our knowledge and self-awareness.

10. Service to others

Discover our dedication to be in service, aiming to contribute to the healing and awakening of individuals and the collective.

11. Support/Self care

We recognize the importance of self-care, supervision, and seeking support when needed to ensure the well-being of both practitioners and clients.

12. Adaptability

We embrace change as a constant, acknowledging the need for ongoing evolution and enrichment of ethical practices as this field continues to expand.

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As Ayahuasca healing professionals, we are united by a shared commitment to ethical excellence. By upholding these principles, we create a transformative space where healing, growth, and empowerment is prioritized.

Join us as we contribute to a world of healing and conscious awakening.

To access the full document of our code of ethics and standard of practice click here!

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