Recently I had an interesting conversation with some friends of mine, all 11 of us women.
The topic was what emotions do we hide and how can we embrace and express them to be more authentic.

First of all I thought everybody will say the same thing, obvious. It’s funny how we think that other people think the same way. To my surprise everybody said something different though some emotions were mentioned several time. Here is our list in priority order starting with the one that was said by the most people.

1. Anger, Fear

2. Grief, sadness

3. Guilt, shame

4. Insecurity, mistrust

5. Loneliness, abandonment

6. Disappointment

7. Vulnerability

Of course we all likely to suppress all of these emotions more or less due to our conditioning. We learn that these emotions are bad or negative therefore they shouldn’t be expressed.

What we most try to deny is anger, fear and sadness.

Do these emotions really go away just because we decide not to feel them? This is not my experience.

Suppressed anger easily turns into rage. And just look at the world and the war machine, the exploitation of the Mother Earth. I believe we can do better. It is our collective duty to heal our anger and transform it into our power.

More about healing anger in my previous blog post.


Suppressed fear becomes anxiety. And again look at the western world. The pharmaceutical industry thrives on this. And the news factory fuels those flames. Buuuu, this is a scary world.

Really? Is everything so bad? There is no hope, no future to make?

I don’t think so. There is so much beauty and greatness in the world. Despite all the challenges. I wonder what would happen if we turn the media lens around and focus on the good things? Celebrate our love and compassion. Foster cooperation and sharing? I wonder what would happen, within a year! I can’t even image! It would totally change the world. And maybe we are ready for that change.

We have the capacity for the best and for the worst.

We have to mature and take responsibility. And part of that is acknowledging our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel.


Sadness can turn into depression when unexpressed and unacknowledged.

And again look at society. Zombie nation. The apocalipsis is here already in a way. We are totally disconnected. We would take any pill just not to feel. Numb out and escape.

But the sad truth is that there is no escape. There is always a price to pay.

When we disconnect from our feelings and push them away we slowly close our hearts. Our organ to feel slowly withers away and with it our joy, passion, love, gratitude, acceptance and possibility of our wholeness.


You see feelings only change in one way: by feeling them. Feeling is healing.

If there is another way please let me know because I would love to know.

Emotions are energy in motion.

When you refuse to feel you stop this energy flow. Due to this a blockage there is stagnation, numbness and a feeling of disconnection. If you allow this energy to flow, which is allowing yourself to feel, which is being present with the emotion without judgement, it would change very rapidly and you would return to a balanced emotional state, which is relaxation and ease. Hope you could follow:)

And here we come back my wonderful sisters and our insights because despite that almost everybody named a different emotions as their primary suppressed emotion we all said the same thing to the following question:

How can you embrace, express your suppressed (hidden) emotions? How do your emotions serve you to be more your authentic and full self?

Love your emotions
Love your emotions

And our answer was give yourself full permission to feel and express how you feel in a safe and healthy way. We shared some more insights and affirmations that I am happy to offer to you.

Don’t take things personally.

I allow myself to feel, feeling is healing.

I love and accept myself regardless how I feel.

Emotions only stay 90 seconds in the body if they felt fully.

Emotions come and go if I let them.

My emotions are my internal guidance system.

All emotions are valid and meant to be felt and expressed.

Why do I think it’s not ok to feel this way?

Can I still accept and love myself even if I feel this way?

Is this a recurring emotions? How can I transform this feeling?

The benefits

And the rewards! The gifts of the feeling. We all agreed on that too!

Emotions serve us first and foremost to be more loving, accepting, compassionate beings. By feeling our emotions they transform and turn into power. This personal empowerment is a direct result of embracing our feeling nature and allows us to take full charge of our lives.

And of course we are more authentic, more whole, more connected to ourselves and the world. On a higher level as we do this we become inspiring examples and creating a new pathways for others yet to come.

We have emotions for a good reason. We have to embrace our feeling, intuitive side. Suppressing them does not work, it creates pain and destruction.

Without our heart, our emotions we would create a horrifying world. Sometimes we come close to that.

Feeling is healing
Feeling is healing

I know that we can do better. Let’s take the first step together.
Reclaim your right to feel! And let’s create a better world.
So be it, so it is.

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