What is integration & why do you need it?

When you embark on the plant medicine path, Psychedelic Integration is a must to take the most out of your experience. Great to see that more and more resources are available in this subject, still many don’t understand what is integration and how it can benefit them. In this article I will demystify the Psychedelic Integration process and explain to you how integration can really change your life.

  • Making sense out of your experience
  • Embodying insights in your everyday life
  • Integrating the body-mind-spirit complex

In the Psychedelic Integration process is when you make sense our of your experience. Often times psychedelic experiences are symbolic and you need to ‘decode’ or understand the deeper meaning behind it.

Psychedelic Integration also refers to integrating your insights into your everyday life, in other words embodying the lessons you have learnt and putting them into practice in your daily behavior.

Last but not least, Psychedelic Integration means integrating our fragmented aspects of body, mind, spirit back into wholeness, alignment and balance.

2 Types of Psychedelic Integration

  • Unconscious

Psychedelic Integration is something that naturally happens to a certain extent, especially because our being want to go toward wholeness and balance, so you can say that Psychedelic Integration is a natural process. Many people experience sudden improvements in their life after a plant medicine ceremony, however we have so much baggage we carry from the past, that without dedicated integration work most people fall back into their old habitual behavior when the afterglow of the plant medicine wears off.

Without conscious integration we can stay stuck in the victim mode and continue the blame game. If you still feel stuck, confused and lonely please reach out and get support from an experienced integration guide.

  • Conscious/Guided

We talk about a conscious/guided integration process when an individual have regular support and guidance by an experienced Psychedelic Integration facilitator and committed to engage in various integration practices for a period of time. I always say to my clients that you get out what you put in, and if you want real and lasting changes, you have to put in your effort, commitment, openness and willingness to see through this process.

My experience as an integration specialist shows that the chances of success increase dramatically when somebody applies the same dedication to their integration process than to their ceremony experience. One of the mile stones that signals your progress in your integration is leaving behind the victim and the blame and taking full responsibility for your life and your behavior.

5 benefits of guided Psychedelic Integration

Just because you know what you should do that doesn’t mean you will do it. Integration means translating insights and intentions into behavior. This may include adopting healthier habits, setting boundaries, improving relationships, pursuing new interests or passions, or making changes aligned with your new personal values. Let’s see some more ways how conscious integration can benefit you.

  • Increased awarenes

Psychedelic Integration helps to cultivate a reflective mindset and expand awareness of the mental patterns that cause suffering. This may involve journaling, meditation, or discussing your experience with your integration specialist.

  • Recognizing blind spots

We often say that you can’t change what you don’t know. The first step to change is awareness. However often we have a complete lack of awareness, so called blind spots and we are stuck in repetition. It can be hard to see all parts of your story when you are in your story! A tremendous help in this case is an experienced Psychedelic Integration facilitator who can spot those blind spots much easier and reflect it back to you.

  • Changing behavior

A guided integration process allows the individual to process mental and emotional content as they arise and go deeper in their process, eventually reaching the root of the problem. Only when we manage to uproot our suffering, real change will occur that will last over time.

  • Emotional Processing and support

Psychedelic experiences can evoke emotional release of long stored suppressed emotions. These experiences can be sometimes overwhelming and require guidance and support to let go and not to suppress back what is arising. A safe container is a must to support deep emotional healing and expression. This may involve engaging in practices such as breathwork, somatic experiencing, or expressive arts to safely explore and release emotions.

  • Faster and easier process

When you have a map and an experienced guide you have a smoother journey, even in an unknown territory. Without a map and a guide you more likely to get lost, stuck or give up upon your journey, but even if you find your way out it will take more time and definitely more pain. Remember that you are not alone, support is always available.

Why do you need a professional guide for Psychedelic Integration?

Maybe you can do it alone but why would you? Why wouldn’t you save some unnecessary pain and suffering?

Psychedelic Integration can be a deeply challenging process because it takes a lot of effort and time to create real changes. Your best asset is an experienced guide who made this journey many times and will hold your hand during this process, especially if it is your first time.

Benefits of an experienced guide

  • Create a safe container for deeper healing to happen
  • Help you to see the blind spots and bigger picture (raise awareness)
  • Teach you useful skills and tools
  • Provide comfort and reassurance

I trust that this article helps you to gain more clarity about the integration process and supports you to prepare for your personal integration.

Do you need support?

Connect with me for our biweekly free Ayahuasca Psychedelic Integration room or to receive personal support.

Blessings on your integration path!

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