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Core beliefs, behavior and psychedelic assisted therapy

You create your reality through your mind, which shapes your core beliefs.

Maybe this seems like a familiar new age concept, but what does it really mean?

Your beliefs, values, and ethics – in other words what you believe in – will determine your actions in life including your behavior. Your actions always have consequences, and they form your life experience, good or bad.

For example, if you believe that life is hard and money comes through sweat and tears, you will act according to this belief and create your expected reality, hardship and lack in this case. The consequence of your actions will affirm your original expectations and your core belief (life is hard). Then you will assume that your core belief was true based on what happened, and you keep believing it. To get out from this catch-22 you have to become aware and transform the core belief (life is hard) and create a different behavior.

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