If you work with the Ayahuasca you are mostly familiar with the preparation diet and purification before you enter a ceremony and drink this powerful medicine.

But what happens after the ceremony?

The first month after the ceremony is a huge opportunity to make fundamental dietary changes in your life! Some say that it takes 30 days to create a new habit and I really resonate with that. Let me tell you why.

Why is it easier to change your diet during the Ayahuasca integration process?

1. You are already purified

Thanks to the preparation diet and the detoxifying effect of the Ayahuasca after the ceremony your body is in a more clean and balanced state. Cravings are minimal and you feel lighter. From this state it is easier to make changes and better choices regarding of what you eat.

2. Change is easier

Also because of expansion of awareness is easier to break habits and attachments. Your mind is in a more plastic state where you can change things faster and easier.

3. You are more connected to your body

As a result of your Ayahuasca experience you feel more connected and grounded into your body. You are more aware what your body is telling you and you are more willing to listen to its guidance.

My experience with my clients is, that they naturally navigate toward a more organic and plant based diet during and after their Ayahuasca Integration process. I believe that as we embody higher states of consciousness we are naturally drawn toward a high vibrational diet.

While every person is unique and individual there are some tendencies that seem to be common. Real change takes time, and unless there is a huge motivation for a person to change their diet, this change is quite gradual.

8 Signs of dietary change

1. Growing interest of where your food is coming from and how it is grown, cultivated

2. Growing desire to move toward organic and local and fresh produce

3. Reducing red meat and dairy intake

4. Reduce intake of alcohol

5. Eliminating fast foods and artificial additives

6. Eliminating refined sugar, corn syrup etc.

7. Growing interest in natural supplements and superfoods

8. Interest in growing your own food and cooking

You are what you eat?

Well certainly your diet plays a huge factor in your overall health and well being. Moving toward a clean diet will greatly support your healing, awakening and evolution!

Sometimes change can feel challenging, and sometimes you can’t imagine your life without ice cream and chicken wings.

I am excited to share with you some proven tips and tools, to make this change easier for you.

5 Tips to create a lasting dietary change

1. Create small changes, one at a time

If you try to create a big change from one day to another like go to vegan from carnivore, you will encounter a huge resistance and might not keep up. Best is to start with something smaller. Like replacing cow’s milk with coconut milk for example. Then give yourself some time to get used to it and keep practicing it every day.

2. Explore and experiment

Most people don’t want to give up their most unhealthy food addictions because they are so yummy! Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that you can make good tasting things from fruits and vegetables.

Have you ever tried to eat something you absolutely detested just because you thought it’s healthy and good for you?

There is no way you gonna keep up with that. You have to like what you eat and it has to taste good for you. Otherwise you won’t keep up with that. I invite you to experiment and try new things to find out what works for you. A whole delicious world is waiting for you.

3. Find healthy alternatives that you really love

One of my best and favorite example is cacao.

I was surprised but delighted to learn many years ago that chocolate can be healthy and good for you. I remember my first raw, vegan chocolate and how it tasted in my mouth.

I thought: why nobody told me about THIS before? Did you know that cacao is one of the most nutritious superfood?

Since then the only sweets I eat are my handmade vegan, medicinal chocolates!

I know that you think it must be hard to make them but you won’t believe how easy it is!

I am so happy to share with you how to make your own chocolates only in 15 minutes!

4. Have fun with food, start cooking

Growing and preparing your food, cooking for loved ones and family has a positive emotional and mental effect as well as the joy of sharing pure and nutritious food. Connecting with your food this way will make it easier for you to be more conscious and aware what is on your plate.

5. Educate yourself

There are so many benefits of a natural, organic, fresh mostly plant based diet that it’s hard to pick which one to highlight. But mostly there are absolutely no negative side effects!

I invite you to watch the movie Game Changers (available on Netflix) to educate yourself how diet influences health and performance. Read books and articles to open your mind and see what you feel aligned with.

Diet is a never ending topic and I am excited to share more with you….

But for now….

How is your diet working out for you?

With love

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