I belong to Life
I must flow
You attract me with your energy & intentions
You call me with your positive expectations
I will always answer you
I am the key that opens the doors of choice
Faith & trust
When you believe without doubting
Prosperity will manifest your rich reflection
Knowing what your needs are
I will support and empower you
Thoughts of lack & scarcity keep me at bay
Know and believe you deserve me
I am your friendship
Not your enemy
Give and receive me
with respect, responsibility, love and awareness.

We all have a somewhat wounded relationship with money.
Most of us comes from an environment where lack and scarcity was/is the default paradigm.
We want more of it, always.
Yet we are full of fears that we can’t have it.

lack consciousness
lack consciousness

Recently I had a workshop about money. A number of 11 people participated. All of these people are highly capable, independent, educated, intelligent beings. Even so all of them struggle with money.

I hardly ever met a person who didn’t have a problem with money one way or another.

Now I think that this is big problem, and not just mine.

We live in a material world. The main exchange tool is money. It’s pretty hard to live without it. I can say that it is essential in this modern world.

Money exist for thousands of years. It came to the west 700 BC.

Isn’t that interesting that during thousands of years we were not able as a general collective to create a healthy relationship and positive habits to cultivate and share money?

I wonder why is that?

But no matter the reasons the sad fact is that most people live from a day to day basis, with no financial security and very little hopes that it ever will be better.

According to the law of attraction what you believe you create.

In the money workshop we had to write down our limiting beliefs (the ones we are aware of) regarding money. Most of us said very similar things, We started to see a deeper pattern.

Just look at some of these beliefs. Maybe you are very familiar with some of them already, don’t you?


1. Money is never enough.

I can’t have enough, I will never have enough money. There is not enough money in the world.

2. Money is just enough to survive and no more.

I only can make ends meet but never afford anything more than the basic nessecities.

3. I am not worthy of it.

I don’t deserve it. I am not good enough to have it. Having money is selfish.

4. For the money I have to sacrifice my dreams, my principles.

I can’t have it all. I have to sacrifice something, my dreams, my values, my spirituality.

5. Money is not important.

I don’t trust money, I don’t trust myself with money. Abundance doesn’t include money.

6. Money is very hard to get.

I have to work really hard for money, it requires blood, sweat and tears. Money comes from work, work is the only source of money.

7. Money is the root of all evil.

Money is not spiritual, I just want to walk away from it. I feel guilty having money. Money is part of the system so it is bad.

8. Rich people are bad.

Rich people are hypocrites, selfish, mean and egoistic. I don’t want to be like them.

hard work
hard work

Wow! I don’t wonder that we are in this deep sh…. Pardon predicament about money.

You know what a cognitive dissonance is? The psychological definition is: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. It basically means that you can’t have inconsistent thoughts because it causes tension.

For example say you want more money, you really desire it. But at the same time, maybe only unconsciously you believe that money is the root of all evil. Now the only thing that you can do is either change your mind and believe that money is not bad (money is good, something positive) or align your behavior to the original beliefs. Meaning if money is evil I rather not have it so I don’t want it, desire it anymore. These are the two ways to release the inner tension and resolve the dilemma.

Lot of these beliefs come from our family and our immediate environment where we grew up. Just think of your parents and their relationship to money. What they thought about it? How they handled it? I am sure you will see a lot of that in yourself. Until you start to change it.

It seems to me that most of us are trapped in this negative cycle.

Well for me it doesn’t work anymore. So a couple of years ago I decided I will change my mind around this and align my beliefs with the truth and my deepest desires. I went through all my limiting beliefs and asked a simple question: it this true? Where does this beliefs comes from? Do I really believe that this is still true for me? In most cases the answer was no. Then I asked myself what is true for me then? And I started to write my new list of beliefs.

Prosperity mindset
Prosperity mindset

Here are my new beliefs and my new relationship with money.

Think about it as a softwer update – in your mind.

And feel free to get inspired.

1. For me the new paradigm is that we are all deserving.

I am worthy of money, prosperity. I am here to thrive.

2. There is more than enough for all of us.

Our true nature is abundant.

3. When I am open and trust money flows to me easily.

Money works for me. When I let go it flows.

4. It’s all there for me I just have to let it in.

I give myself permission to fully receive with grace and gratitude.

5. Money is spirit manifested.

It is not good neither bad, it is just an energy. It is up to me what use I put into it.

6. Money loves me.

It’s drawn to me and received with gratitude. Money is my friend who I love to play with.

7. Money helps me to serve others and create beautiful things.

Money gives me freedom and allows me to follow my dreams.


How does this sound? It’s works for me.

The more I can practice and embody these new beliefs the more my relationship with money and my financial situation improved very rapidly even beyond what I was expecting.

So I am all in. This is the new paradigm.

May the Great Spirit bless you with an abundance of money but even more a shift in your mind from fear to love and trust. Aho.

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

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