Communication is so simple yet it can be very complicated, you know what I mean:)))

The same words can mean many different things to different people because we have different definitions based on our unique perspective.

To find harmony in a relationship, communication is vital and absolutely necessary.

Most of us are never taught how to communicate effectively and I am happy to share 7 simple principles that helped a lot for me.

1. Talk about your experience

Forget about those You….statements! Talking about the other person will make them feel attacked and they will most likely get defensive, closed off and won’t really hear what you are saying.

Express yourself with I feel….., It is my experience…..etc.

2. Be clear

It is a good idea to write down some notes before speaking, especially before an important conversation. Give you some time to write and get clear to get your point easily across. Be clear and simple instead of going into long explanations and stories. Imagine that you are speaking to a child to get the idea.

3. Choose the right place

Being in a private and safe place will ease your anxiety and help you to feel more confident when you are having this conversation. Being in a public place and being witnessed by others will put unnecessary pressure on the situation.

4. Choose the right time

Timing is everything. No matter how prepared and clear you are if you pick the wrong moment to bring your message across. If the other person is not open and in a receptive mode. Sometimes it can be challenging to wait for the right moment because of your need to communicate, but remember that for everything there is a perfect timing.

5. Be kind, speak from your heart

The most common mistake that people make is speaking from anger. When you are angry, even if you are right you are not gonna be really heard and therefore listened. Your goal is to bring your point across the most effective way so it is in your best interest to be calm, stay centered and speak from your heart.

6. Speak your truth

Radical honesty always pays off even if you need to work through your fear of being vulnerable! Give it a try because there is nothing to loose.

7. Active listening

When you finished speaking give space to the other person to express themselves. An important part of communication is listening to each other. Active listening means you are really quiet, open and present to receive what the other person has to communicate. If you want to be listened, you have to listen!

Most of us not taught open and honest communication. Most of us taught to lie, to pretend, to deceive. When you start to speak authentically you will feel that a huge weight is lifted and suddenly you just feel natural and free. Speaking from an open heart will open to the hearts of others and you will witness your relationship fill with love and transform for the better.

Free your voice!

With Love

Nina Izel @Avatarhealingarts.com

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