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Psychedelic Therapy Training

Turn your psychedelic healing work into a professional career!

Gain skills, experience and confidence to become a professional Ayahuasca Integration Guide and support others!

First cohort starts in April 2024! Enrollment is open now!

Become a Professional Ayahuasca Integration Guide

is a 15 month long in-depth Training program to teach you how to guide your clients through their Ayahuasca integration process and achieve breakthrough results!

In this Training Program you will learn a vital Map to navigate the integration process and the necessary skills to support and guide your clients before and after their ceremony experience.  But more than that, I will teach you how to start your career as a professional integration guide!

If you are called to work with the Mother Ayahuasca and support others in their integration process but you feel you are not qualified enough, experienced enough or confident enough to start a professional career and charge for your services this Training program is for you!

Ayahuasca Integration Facilitator Training will take you through an immersive journey to give you deeper understanding, practical skills and personal experience so you can professionally guide and hold a safe space for others!

When you join this Training Program you will be given all the expert guidance and support that you need to step onto your higher path as a professional integration guide and start a thriving career in this rapidly growing field!

Learn from the best, master psychedelic integration to provide ethical and excellent care for your clients!

A message from Nina

Heart Medicine by Nina Izel

Psychedelic integration is a rapidly growing field around the world with limited providers.

I believe that it’s vital for an integration guide to have first hand experience with the Mother Ayahuasca and deep personal integration work.

We created this training to provide you with a deep immersion experience and a practical framework that works in real life and that not only changed my life also but many of my clients (testimonials) as outlined in my book: Heart Medicine, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process.

A new frontier in medicine, psychedelic break through therapies are on the rise with main interest on the powerful Ayahuasca and her healing potential.  I believe that a professionally guided integration process can make all the difference between reaching your desired results or eventually falling back to your old patterns!

In this Training you will learn how to ensure that your clients really change their life and reach their

Psychedelic healing field is real,
it’s growing and it’s not going away!

Do you want to effectively help others?

Here is all you will learn in this in-depth Training course:

  • A vital Map to navigate the integration process
  • 350+ hours of live online training in a small group setting (12 pax)
  • 2 week immersion retreat in Mexico
  • Start your own business support & Client referrals
  • Regular supervision & Community support
  • Deep understanding of healing & integration
  • Vital skills to be an excellent guide
  • Confidence & personal experience
  • Our code of ethics & best practices
  • Ongoing personal development
  • World renowned guest teachers
  • Discounted 1 on 1 sessions with Nina (50%)
  • Best value for money & $5000 discount for 2024
  • Multidisciplinary approach & apprenticeship style learning
  • Being part of a fast growing psychedelic healing community
  • Available to non-medical professionals
  • And more…

A sneak peak of our curriculum…

Transpersonal psychology

Learn about the Multidimensional self of body, mind, hear and spirit to deeper understand human behavior, illness and healing and discover the path from pain and suffering back to health & wholeness.

Holistic healing

Learn a variety of holistic healing tools to facilitate the integration process and support your clients. Discover the power of breath work, somatic healing, compassionate inquiry and movement medicine just to name a few tools that you will learn about and use in this unique Training program to make you well equipped and confident to guide others.

Psychedelic Shamanism

You will learn how to work with the powerful Mother Ayahuasca as a powerful ally the healing process. You will also learn powerful shamanic practices to help your clients heal on the soul level. You will deepen your understanding of disease and suffering from a spiritual perspective.

Download Curriculum (pdf)

Do you want to know more?

Listen to this video to learn all the details of how powerful Training program can help to become a professional integration guide and provide excellent care to your clients!

More and more people are looking for help in the psychedelic healing field.

It’s time to share your gifts, your medicine and help people to achieve breakthrough results!

In this Training you will also

Learn from the best professionals

Step onto your higher path as a leader, a way-shower

Save time and unnecessary struggle

Receive all essential tools, knowledge and resources to become a successful integration guide!

Imagine your life with purpose, helping others, making the world a better place and creating your thriving business while having the adventure of your lifetime!

Certificates can only take you so far, and nothing can replace personal experience to have the necessary confidence and overcome any impostor syndrome!

When you join this Training, you will get:


Clarity around the integration process and the role of a professional guide so that you can be the best and provide a gold standard service to your clients for create breakthrough results!

Stop waisting your time trying to figure it all out by yourself, I teach you a Map and practical steps when you join this Training Program!

Practical Skills

You will learn exactly how to take your prepare your clients for their plant medicine ceremony and also how to help them to make sense out of their experience and implement positive changes in their everyday lives. I will teach you how to guide your clients to the root of their problem and create fundamental change in their lives that last over time. You will learn how to assist your clients to navigate very difficult moments and breakthrough to the other side.

Personal Experience

“You can only take your clients as deep as you have gone”

This Training will provide you with a deep personal immersion experience in a small group setting to gain the necessary skills and confidence to guide others. Small study groups will give you opportunity to practice your skills and grow toward mastery.

Do you feel called to help others, be of service and share your gifts with the world?

This Training is perfect for you

  • If you are passionate about psychedelic healing and you are called to work with the Mother Ayahuasca
  • If you want to support others outside of the ceremonial setting as a professional integration guide
  • If you want to align your passion, purpose and career
  • If you want to have a life with meaning and be service to others
  • If you want to join the psychedelic renaissance
  • If you are a healer, therapist, coach, plant medicine enthusiast, medical professional who want to incorporate plant medicine integration into your practice
  • If you are a ceremonial space holder, retreat owner or event organizer  and want to deepen your understanding of integration work
  • If you want to expand your understanding of healing beyond the western medical paradigm

Does this sound like you?

I am here to make it easier for you and show you a quicker way to success.

What I don’t teach – What you won’t learn in this Training

  • Neuroscience and brain chemistry, your brain on DMT
  • The history of psychedelics and psychedelic research
  • The legal status of psychedelic substances
  • General overview of psychedelics and their applications
  • How to hold space for plant medicine journeys

What you will learn is professional skills and practical experience that translates in real life!

Enrollment is open now!

Hear from the people what is possible when you work with a professional integration guide after your ceremony experience!

Libby Weinkauf Mesa

Keziah Apuzen

Noah Wells

If you are tired of the grind and ready to follow your dreams and your heart, this course is for YOU!

It’s time to say yes to your purpose, your higher path and create a life you desire!

It starts with professional training and personal experience to know exactly how to support others.

If you want to be the best therapist have plenty of clients and build a successful practice you have to invest in yourself and this is the best place for that!

The best investment is to invest in yourself!

A reminder of what you will get in this Training

  • 350+ hours of live online training in a small group setting (12 pax) over 15 months
  • You will participate in a 5 week immersion retreat in Mexico
  • You will learn from the best teachers
  • You will receive start your own business support & Client referrals
  • You will get regular supervision & Community support
  • You will gain deep understanding of healing & integration
  • You will learn vital skills to be an excellent guide
  • You will develop confidence & gain personal experience
  • You will learn our code of ethics & best practices
  • You will be provided with ongoing personal development
  • You will receive discounted private sessions with Nina (50%)
  • You will learn multidisciplinary approach & apprenticeship style learning
  • You will be part of a fast growing and supportive psychedelic healing community

What you learn in this course will serve you for many years to come and ensure that you attract a high volume of clients because of your expertise, ethics and professional standards.

What’s that worth to you?

Start your professional career now!

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