3 Ways Ayahuasca can help you to heal your relationship with money

Why do we struggle with money? It’s such a big part of our lives yest most people struggle with money a lot. Why?

Why do we live in scarcity and why do we have such a lack mentality? The reason is not a mystery anymore!

What are the limiting beliefs and where do they come from?

A common limiting belief about money would be for example that money is earned by blood, sweat and tears. In this case money is attached to hardship. It is easy to see that when somebody holds this belief it would limit their capacity to create and receive money with ease.

Believe it or not but most most of our beliefs we ‘download’, from our close environment in the first seven years. Mostly from our family and school.

This is when we learn our parents, our family’s limiting beliefs about money, like money doesn’t grow on trees.

Later in life our personal experience somewhat shapes our belief system about money but unless someone does some mindfulness practice and conscious work to change those beliefs they hardly change much from childhood. Another factor is that most of these basic beliefs that we learn in childhood sink down deep into our unconscious and this means that we are not aware that we have them! Good luck with that:)

Trapped in a vicious cycle

This is how we get trapped in a vicious cycle. Early on we learn an attitude toward money, very early we learn what is possible or not possible for us financially speaking. The problem is that all of those who grow up in any kind of lack and scarcity will learn that mentality automatically.

So we are in a kind of disadvantage to people who grow up in financial wealth and abundance and learn early on that this is possible for them and what they capable of creating financial wealth.

We learn poverty. We learn why we don’t have and why we can’t have more. And we learn to blame it on others.

The second problem is that mostly we are not aware that we have those limiting beliefs, hidden in our unconscious. This is why when we try to manifest money by repeating some affirmations, making a vision board and visualizing driving a Porsche to attract money, we usually don’t succeed.

How to get out of the money trap?

Bit don’t despair!

Here is three ways you can start uprooting those limiting beliefs and begin to change your relationship with money.


1. Alignment

The first step is to identify your hidden limiting beliefs about money. You can start by thinking about what your family used to say about money, what was a common phrase your family used in your household?

Here are some examples:

We cannot afford that, it’s too expensive for us. Money is the root of all evil. There is not enough money in the world. Having money is selfish. For the money I have to sacrifice my principles. Money is not important. Money is hard to get. Rick people are bad.

The second step is to change those limiting beliefs to something that is more in alignment with what you desire. A good method to use for this is the inquiry process of Byron Katie, that can help you to change your core beliefs and expand your awareness.

Once you identified and changed your belief, every time the old belief comes up you can just focus your attention and affirm your new belief, for example:

Money is a wonderful tool for freedom and helps me to follow my dreams. Or: Money is spirit manifested.

Notice how you feel when you think about money? Do you feel fear, guilt or shame?

Reflect on what kind of thoughts would make you feel happy and excited?

Expanding awareness with the Ayahuasca

The Mother Ayahuasca can greatly assist you to make the unconscious conscious and to become aware of your limiting core beliefs about money. She is a great amplifier and has the ability to reach deep into the unconscious unlike many other tools or technologies.


2. An attitude of gratitude

Getting clear on what you want and what do you believe in is a very important part of the process but apart from your limiting beliefs there are other affect that affect your receptivity.

Let’s say you already did a lot of work around your beliefs about money but you still can’t manifest what you desire?

This can happen when we have a deeper wound that is not exactly about money but connected to it. For example when somebody has a belief (due to past trauma) that I don’t deserve to live, this belief implies that I don’t deserve to be rich, wealthy, abundant either. So even though in this case the limiting belief is not exactly about money still can act as a powerful block in our unconscious.

Therefore it is paramount that we do our own deeper healing work not only focus on the topic of money specifically. When you hold deep trauma in your body, you will be energetically shut down, contracted. When you are in this state you simply cannot receive no matter what you are asking for because you can’t open yourself and let it in!

With healing our trauma we can get out of this state and start opening ourselves up to receive.

A good way to get into this receptive mode, energy is to focus on gratitude.

Asking yourself the question: What are you grateful for today? And writing a gratitude journal, in other words counting your blessings is a wonderful start to cultivating this energy of gratefulness in general in your life.

I am grateful for the gift of life

The Mother Ayahuasca can greatly support you in your deeper healing journey as She has the capacity to shift your perspective to see the gifts and the learnings in your challenges. By understanding how everything had a purpose to lead you where you are right now you can let go the shame and blame and become grateful for this gift of life. This medicine is a powerful ally to help us remember the deeper meaning of life and to feel a deep appreciation for every step on your path.


3. Get help – ask and you shall receive

And last but not least remember that you are not alone with this!

It requires openness, willingness and committed, dedicated work to change the way you think about money and life in general. It takes time to heal deep wounds that you may carry. It gets tiring to swim against the current and try to change in an unhealthy, unsupportive environment.


Help is always available

Therefore you have to have all the help you can get. This means a supportive community of like minded people who cheer you on and provide a shoulder to cry on.

But also this means professional help, some form of committed therapy work with an experienced guide who can support you and ease your process. Having a professional guide is the best that you can do to get the desired results faster and easier than without.

Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy can provide you with an extended container that allows a deep dive and fundamental changes to happen. The Mother Ayahuasca a catalyst herself, allowing you to go deeper, faster but combined with a personal, safe, guided therapeutic container we make sure the receive the maximum benefit and create fundamental, long lasting life changes.

Psychedelic assisted breakthrough therapies are on the rise as we reconnect with our plant allies.

The Mother Ayahuasca can be your powerful ally to guide you to open up and receive fully this life.

The more whole you are, the more wealthy you are

Just like you, I am on the same journey. All I can say is that this is a work in progress:) And I have been working on this for quite a long time!

And what are the results of that, you may ask?

I was born in a communist country, lets’ just say this about my conditioning about money. I didn’t consider my family to be poor but they definitely had a lack mentality. And of course because there was no private property, there were no private companies so I knew nothing about being independent or owing my own business.

The dedicated work of healing and self discovery over the years empowered me to change some deep programming within me. It allowed me to learn, travel, explore myself and the world.

Today I live in the Riviera Maya in a quiet beach town and my work of supporting others is deeply fulfilling and meaningful to me.

I did overcome many limitations and many boundaries so my life changed accordingly.

It is my personal experience that the more healed, the more whole I am the more wealthy and abundant I am.

How is your relationship with money?

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